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    Quote Originally Posted by whoranzone View Post
    Alone the mentioning of dragonroar tells me that this is once again one of those ~1500 rating threads nobody should care too deeply about.
    You don't have to be at the highest level of competition for something to be OP.

    And even if they are changing it, that's not relevant to OP's question about warriors being OP at the BEGINNING of expansions.

    I apologize to everyone for using "OP" to abbreviate two different things in one post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SyrahGrunt View Post
    Why should PvP dictate the damage output of any given class ?
    Because making numbers bigger and smaller is easier than finding ways to balance actual mechanics, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurora View Post
    In PVP by design warriors are the highest damaging spec if you just stand there and let them do their thing. Also by design they've the worst arsenal of ranged maneuvers and are the most easily rendered ineffectual by kiting. If you play aggressively against a warrior (which most people do for whatever reason) you'll lose, if you play defensively and evasively you'll have an advantage.
    There are 2 flaws if this is the design intention.

    1) Currently warriors isn't the melee class with the worst ranged arsenal of PvP abilities (that award would probably go to ret paladins or rogues).

    2) Warriors are possibly the hardest melee to kite, outside of feral druids of course.

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    You'd better not be talking about protection warriors being OP...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divinitum View Post
    But later on they get changes and become easier for people to deal with, like Bladestorm becoming disarmable, Colossus Smash now ignoring 50% armor or Charge sharing cooldown with Intercept, they even prevented cooldown stacking (Deadly Calm + Recklessness). In the end, seasons 10 (Cata) and 7/8 (WoTLK) were quite balanced, right?

    I think the same will eventually happen soon.

    Story is partially true but the end of the expansion a warrior in 2v2 was useless in 3v3 it was useless and had some small use in 5v5.

    This is the core issue for warriors and we simply do not know any other way. A warrior always goes like this:

    Start of an expansion: Warrior is OP
    Patch 1: Nerf 1
    Patch 2: Nerf 2
    Patch 3: Nerf 3
    Final patch: No new nerfs but at this point the warrior in PVP has become obsolete unless you want to be a FC prot.

    And that really is the reason why warriors are never satisfied, because the class balancing for warriors has never been done perfectly well recently. The last time it was in a good/okayish state was during WOTLK.

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    inb4 the time when bladestorm was used to break snares, and not do damage...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pfeff View Post
    I like how you talk about op classes and then put half of the available list into said category
    Please, if you disagree with anything I said, bring it up directly. Blanket statements like that do not produce any beneficial discussion.

    Also, if you read carefully what I said, I put 3 classes into "that category", not half.
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    The typical pattern for warriors seems to be:

    Start of xpac: Too strong
    Next Patch: Nerf
    Next Patch: Nerf
    Next Patch: Nerf

    So I don't play my warriors anymore
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    Quote Originally Posted by OperationFerret View Post
    Legion PvP is so bad that Holinka is handing out titles for watching the arena championships.

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    I've played a warrior since launch and I've never changed classes. This class has been nothing short a rollercoaster in terms of pvp viability. We are in a good place right now in terms of damage but i agree we do have a ton of mobility. The gag order and avatar nerfs may balance out the class a bit better compared to other melee dps classes. The problem is when they nerf too much stuff at once. Anyone who is playing at a decent level in rbg's and arena's can keep warrriors CC'd as is. I have a feeling these nerfs come 5.1 are going to make is completely utterly useless in arenas personally. Only time will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Didn't Warriors get the D last xpack? I remember my former GM saying they weren't as good for parts of Cata as they could be (he still pulled amazing numbers but said they could be better).

    Regardless, there's always a class or two that shine for Xpack. I dunno what Vanilla or BC was but DKs, Mages, and Rogues were amazing in Wrath, in Cata Hunters and S Priests were pretty amazing, along with of course Mages. Right now with Mists I'd say Warriors, Mages, and Warlocks are just fucking insane.
    Frost Mages, Enhancement Shamans, Rogues and ridiculously well geared warriors for Vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamez View Post
    Clueless OP..

    WotLK says hi. the class was so [email protected]#$ed up with GCDs and stupid stance / rage requirements.
    That's what made it fun and separated derps from really good warriors imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grievuuz View Post
    Frost Mages, Enhancement Shamans, Rogues and ridiculously well geared warriors for Vanilla.
    Rogues were horrifying back then I heard.

    Literally ninjas.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
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    I seem to remember them hitting like toilet paper in cata. Now they almost one hit me at 55% res. 294k crit to my face anyone?
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