Hey im Vérax from outlands alliance (newly migged from darksorrow hordeside)
Im a retri paladin and im looking for a serious and good pvp guild. Im quite good if given a shot.
I just migrated over to Outlands for a fresh start from horde darksorrow. (horde side is basicly dead atm)
I used to be called Rukiax/verax durring that tbc-cata (i quit in cata though).
I played shaman in pvp durring some time in cata (name is Rukiax on darksorrow) where i was resto shaman.
Because of my dead server i couldnt get the chance in getting a high rating in arena nor RBGS. So im looking for a group of people that wants to give me a shot to prove myself.
Im really social and a nice guy.

Check my char out. Got about 42% pvp power atm with a decent amount of haste and mastery.
IF you have any questions then feel free to ask them whenever you want and i will try and answer. Bnet tag is Verax#1116