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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirstblood View Post
    Try this EVERY RACE with ALL CLASSES maxed to 90.
    50 Char Limit per account.

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    Seeing as there's a dude who's multibotting 100 accounts and have 100+ characters at lvl 90 with the playtime of 1 character I don't see the point of it.
    Achievements should be given to someone who's done something incredibly hard or shows incredible dedication, leveling is neither. Feat of Strenght sure, should also be a feat of strenght to have 1 year played on your character, 2 years, 3 years and so on. Even thinking that leveling should somehow grant you a title or a mount is strange... | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post
    And how would you call that achievment?
    "the one who doesnt know what he wants"?
    "the one that cant master a class and hides it behind 10 alts"?

    Sure its a lot of work, but what for? Your server would be better off if you would actually be good with one of your toons, rather than having 10 others.
    Don't assume my amount of alts hinders my skill on my main.

    On topic, there should be a feat of strength I see no reason why not. It IS a lot of work to get all the way to 90 on every class - It's not worthy of a real achievement because obviously that would be unfair for people trying to get every one of them, but it definitely deserves a feat of strength and a title.

    Why stop the achievement at 5 chars? It seems to make logical sense to have one for every char. Also, how are achievements like 'The Insane' any more deserving of a feat than all characters maxed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalamanka View Post
    Hello everyone!

    So I recently got every single class to level 90, but I'm a bit dissapointed to be quite honest that there's no achievement for this, and imo, this is something that deserves an achievement.
    What do you guys think, is this something that'll be implemented in a future patch? What will this achievement include? Maybe a nifty title or even a mount?

    Charactername, The Power-Leveler
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatInternet View Post
    Charactername, The Power-Leveler
    You just won the internet.

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    jesus you really have one of every class at 90? are they all the same race maybe that has something to do with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krekko View Post
    I honestly think they try to avoid something like this so that people don't go crazy trying to do it.
    The appropriate title would be, "the No-Lifer". When I got my third toon to 90 and got Triple Threat/Double Agent, my first thought was, "there's an achievement for that?" followed quickly by, "oh god, I need an intervention."

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    It should reward some titles, like

    Character, the basement dweller


    Eternally Virgin CHaracter

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