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    Laptop won't boot.

    I was on The Sims 3 the other day, and my screen flickered on and off, then I got a blue screen. I couldn't really catch the details, but after that, I googled it and apparently it's a really common problem. My laptop ran fine after that, I didn't dare go on The Sims 3 again. Then I went on it a couple of days later, and about 5 minutes after turning it on, it had randomly shut down.

    After this, when you turn it on, it gets past the Packard Bell boot screen, it has the little white blinking thing on the top left of the screen (like command prompt or something, I don't know, sorry) then it just goes blank. It sounds as if it is running fine, the disk drive works, the fans run etc. It won't even boot to Safe Mode, I tried.

    I have a Packard Bell Tx-86. I had no problems with it other than this, it just happened out of the blue. Anyone know what's up?

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    Sounds somewhat like the problem I had with my own laptop - I had it screened for errors, and it turned out to be an issue with one of the graphic cards. They fixed it and everything worked fine again. Might want to get that checked.
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    I don't think I actually have a graphics card, it's integrated into my processor iirc.

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