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    Melee/DK SPecific Addon Suggestions

    Hey guys, coming from a long time range player I just had a few issues crop up that I'd like to min/max and fix.

    -I'm noticing that in a 25 raid environment and with the color schemes of the dungeons, HoF particularly, that the red reticle that appears for your target gets lost pretty easily in trash packs. (red floor, tidy plates, caster spell affects). Does anyone know of a way/addon to change the color of the reticle to like lime green or? Or a range addon for melee? I'm using icehud but don't know the right dogtag to put in for their range plugin to do what I want.

    -With Dark Sim is there any addon out that helps you see what you've just stolen or what you can steal?

    -Any other useful addons suggestions appreciated.

    Thanks, but the number 1 is trying to find my main target in a huge pack of pixels and name plates all of the place.

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    You can always just tab target on trash, should 99.9% of the time give you a target in melee range, if you got any obvious. About dark sim it should pretty clear what spell you stole because the icon change to whatever you got.

    Other useful addons? I guess we talk PVE still? If so I would suggest DDR aka DocsDebugRunes (DOWNLOAD) - Can be uploaded with curse client as well of course.

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    Okay, I haven't been able to use Dark Sim as much, just getting into PVP, so I hope TellMeWhen's Icon maybe will change for me.

    As to tab target I'll give it a shot. What I usually do as DW Frost is spam HB, and DND a Unholy Rune and then Plague Strike a mob. When I get another Unholy Rune and DND is on CD I usually try to tab target and just do a plague strike. In practice I'm finding sometimes the mob is burried in the tidyplate pile and I can't see the Red Reticle clear enough based on the floor effects to see where he is in the pack relation to myself...its usually only on trash its an issue. Otherwise HB is easy to spam just trying to make the most use of my Unholy Runes as well. Especially for Blood Taped HBs from Unholy Runes.

    Also, FNX great addon DDR. I love that thing, couldn't play my DK without it!

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    Try using Tidy Plates: Threat plates if your having trouble working out what mob is targetted on trash, it clearly highlights the custom nameplate of the targetted mob and is easy to spot when you have a big cluster of them as is typical on trash and are trying to work out where the mob is in relation to your toon and if its in melee range.

    Another tip might be to get a melee swing tracker and jus stick in centre screen, if its not active your not in range for white, also has the added benefit of reducing your KM waste as you can delay your Obl/ FS to avoid them lining up with a swing hit and potentially eating the KM proc with a less than opitmal ability like FS'in as 2hand instead of Obl.

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