Hello everyone, i just changed guild and yesterday they brought for the first time to elegon hc.

By the end of the raid we managed to kill him, but for nearly every try i was doing less damage than the other priests. Apart from the spark section, the one names Cya had Cascade like me while the other had Halo.

Anyways what i usually did:
1.at the ink prepot ecc dot elegon dps him when first protector spawns refresh dots before trinkets fade on elegon and switch on the protector. shadow word death him and try to devouring plague/pain on elegon before using dispersion ( for which i have a cancelaura macro) on the first annihilate.

2. put missing dots back up on elegon dps him a bit when protector #2 spawns i dot him and make sure to leave a dot when he goes out to explode + try a shadow word death if i need to reset stacks.

3.phase 2 dps him till the first sparks come refreshing dots just before. dot the one next to me with a pain and spike on my one

4. like this for all of them apart from the 4-5 where i use DP on them and Cascade every2

5. then pillars come up i mainly focus on the one assigned to me but also dot the other two

6. then when the elementals start spawning pain them while i go to regroup Cascade as soon as they bring them in and Mind Sear

then more or less is rinse/rince? and repeat


This is the log of the kill : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/9...=12437&e=12939
i think Cya has been ressed thats why he's not first, think u can also see the wipe logs from there

And ye i could ask them what they did differently from me but, i consider myself still to new for than

I'll appreciate ANY constructive feedback thanks in advance