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    [H] Area 52 <Criticism> 4/16H 25M LFM DPS

    <Criticism> is a progression raiding guild. Performance is king here. Any trial member that out-performs a veteran will be replacing them. Every decision made by the leadership is made in order to drive progression. This includes, but is not limited to, raid composition, loot distribution, fight assignment, etc.

    <Criticism> is led by the Guild Master and Officers.
    Disclosure - Guild Master
    Lurgretta - Officer
    Minawa - Officer
    Moople - Officer

    Raid Schedule
    The current raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 21:00 to 0:00 EST. Invites start at 20:45 and all raiding members are expected to be online and ready to go at that time.

    Loot Distribution
    Loot in <Criticism> is distributed by an officer loot council. Our goal is to get the loot that drops to where it will benefit the raid as a whole the most. At times, that will mean getting as many people upgrades as possible. Other times, it may require stacking loot on a subset of the raid to meet certain encounter soft enrages. We also place a heavy emphasis on making sure people get their best in slot gear. If any member has a question about a loot decision, they are welcome to approach an officer after raid to discuss the matter. A more detailed look at our loot distribution criteria is provided on the internal forums.

    Recruiting Needs
    All exceptional players.

    Contact Me: Battletag: Moople#1809 or Real id: [email protected]

    or at
    My DH:Qrky

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    Need strong DPS still!
    My DH:Qrky

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    Still looking!
    My DH:Qrky

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