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    [H] US-Silvermoon <Exodus> 10M 13/16N LF tank Sunday 6-9 PST and Monday 7-10 PST

    <Exodus> is a 10 man raiding guild on the Silvermoon server. Most of us have been raiding together since early wrath when we achieved nearly every realm first other than T7. Since the start of Cata we decided to change to a 10 man guild and raid on a much lighter schedule. We are still very much a progression oriented guild however.

    Currently we are in need of 1 tank, with a Blood DK being highly preferred. This is an immediate and full time position.

    Raid times are Sunday 6-9pm PST and Monday 7-10pm PST

    If interested you can contact me via battletag: Seawin#1468 or you can whisper the guild GM Miini on the Silvermoon server

    We are 13/16N now, can't seem to change the title
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    bump /10 char

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