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    So does this mean the start of your rotation looks like the following?

    1. outbreak
    2. pillar of frost (use 1 frost)
    3. ghoul
    4. obliterate to use 1UH and 1 frost (since you have 2 UH runes up)
    5. HB because you have 2 death runes up
    .... haven't gone beyond this in my thinking yet but just wanna make sure I have it right... is this right so far?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I looked at the top frost dps players for garajel spirit binder LFR and they were all using 2h and runic empowerment. gonna go with that I think.
    I summon ghoul and Pillar before applying outbreak, but yeah that's how I open. Ghoul+Pillar -> Outbreak -> Obliterate -> HB. Then from there the rotation is pretty natural/smooth, atleast in my current gear.

    Also I can't say for sure whether DW or 2h is better on Garajal, but Garajal logs are not reliable for various reasons. If the logger isn't the DK, then the results won't be accurate (unless the DK was sitting on the boss the entire time and the logger was also sitting on the boss the entire time). For example, since I've gone DW I'm sent to kill adds in the spirit realm because my cleave is better than 2h and etc.

    Ultimately though, it's like it's been said many times in these forums, you'll do more dps in the spec you are most comfortable playing. I personally find DW fun and I love practicing it and messing around with the rotation in various situations and that's why I play it.

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    You can use the bt/fs macro and maintain the same dps as you would if you use it manually but it requires actually watching your runes/pooling enough rp to burn through at least 5 blood charges to convert an unholy rune into a death rune (10 charges if you time it right) thereby gaining two extra HBs. However, this requires micro-managing just as the manual use does so all-in-all if you suck at watching your runes and timing things properly you're best off using RE.

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    Just wanna say I finally switched from Dual Wielding (prefer the animations) to 2h and despite seeing the same spin-animation like I do on my blood spec constantly I really am liking the priority system a lot more with a 2H.

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    I completely agree, masterfrost is terrible. Hastefrost is how the spec is meant to be played. Far superior gameplay. But it is what it is.

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    /to be deleted... i just trolled a little about unholy thinking i can remove the post.

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