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    Did atonement change?

    So just in the last couple of days I have noticed a few things about atonement and just wanted to see if anyone else had.

    1: on elegon atonement healing used to be extremely strong. Ie you smite boss and get the 50% damage buff than that smite heals an ally who recieves a 50% bonus to healing increased.

    2. In some dungeons you get a temporary damage buff, from what I could tell smite/hf was not scaling with the buff and neither was the heal.

    3. In general just seems weeker/nerfed.

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    Haven't really checked lately, but this hotfix appeared 5 days ago...

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    * Ancestral Healing and Conductivity no longer benefit twice from increased healing multipliers.
    I'm honestly not sure what ancestral healing is (well, it used to be a shaman talent, but that's long gone). But Conductivity is an ability that heals extra based on your initial heal. So is the paladin's Beacon of Light. And so is atonement, though based on an initial damage ability instead of a heal.

    What I suspect is that this change basically removes the ability for mirrored heals like Conductivity and so on to be boosted by healing bonuses. Which absolutely makes sense for Conductivity and Beacon, but maybe not so much in the atonement elegon usecase. Of course, Atonement isn't even mentioned in this list of spells, so it shouldn't be affected here.

    But who knows. This is just speculation on my part, I haven't actually observed any changes.
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