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    server help?

    so i just rented a new server to mess around on with my siblings, and it seems that along the lines or me messing around with something i cause him to not be able to interact with anything, im useing servercraft hosting, theres seems complicated as all hell, anyone that uses it out there that could help meh?

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    It can be a number of things depending on what plugins are installed on the server. You are most likely running a bukkit server which has its own permissions system and may have a plugin that specializes in permissions. (bpermissions or bukkit essentials for example.) If it is indeed a default server, try moving away from spawn a lil bit. Spawn may be protected. (usually like 16 blocks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greevir View Post
    If it is indeed a default server, try moving away from spawn a lil bit. Spawn may be protected. (usually like 16 blocks)
    This is the most likely answer to your question, it's the one thing that trips up most people when they start running a server. If it looks like he is about to break the block then it suddenly reappears undamaged I'd say this is almost definitely your problem.

    I think it's a lot more than 16 blocks though, it certainly was on our old pre-1.0 server (can't comment on any later versions as I've always OPed myself and my friends so that we can troubleshoot issues easier), just try running away from the spawn and punch a few trees as you go.

    Alternatively, if you trust your buddy not to cheat or don't care if he does, you could always OP him by using the server command below, which will allow him to build in the spawn.

    /OP HisNameHere

    Note: If the /OP HisNameHere command does not work, you might not be an OP yourself, for which you will need to edit your name into the op.txt document on your server. Most hosts will have some form of online control panel which will allow you to edit this file if you do not have direct FTP access.
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    Yea, oping the person should fix it, or you could try with some Plugins for "bukkit" which should enhance your gaming experience

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    Probably something with the internet connection.

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