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    4Set Bonus vs Heroic Raid Gear Question

    I just get the LFR Tier Shoulder, but I also have the heroic version of Spaulders of the Divided Mind, Is it worth changing? With the LFR Shoulder i get the 4 Set bonus

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    EDIT: I'm resto BTW
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    Well the bonus is really great if you use WG glyph and SotF. If you use 4set you could probably make up for the lost stats by fixing your reforges, you should have 3043 (with 5% haste buff, otherwise 5320) or 6652 if you can go that high and want it.

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    Yes it is.
    I changed my HC head with a LFR to get 4set, and with SotF, 5730 haste and WG glyph, im doing so much more HPS.
    Definitely worth it IMO.

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