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    480 Monk Tank looking for 25 man raiding

    I'm a experienced tank looking for a hardcore 25 man raiding guild. I'm available after 4:30 PM CST until 11:00 Pm CST during the week and all hours of the day on weekends. RealID Is Neosquid#1878. I strongly prefer 25 mans. Thanks for your time.
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    Bump. Ilvl is is like 484 now.

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    Demise of Burning Blade Alliance is looking for skilled and experienced players to add to our ever-improving roster.

    Demise has been around for almost 8 years now. We believe we are the posterchild of consistency and stability. If you're tired of joining new guilds just for them to break apart, check us out!

    Current Progression:
    6/6HM Mogu'shan Vaults
    5/6HM Heart of Fear

    Past Progression:
    Dragon Soul: Rank 32nd among US 25 man guilds with a pre-nerf Spine kill.
    Firelands: We finished at 7/7 HM in Firelands, with a US #35 HM Ragnaros kill.
    13/13 in 25 man Heroic Cataclysm dungeons, ranked #39 US and #1 on Burning Blade.
    12/12 in ICC25, and 12/12 in ICC25 Hard Modes with the US 50th kill of HM LK.

    We raid Monday-Thursday 7pm-11pm EST.

    Recruitment Needs:
    Holy Paladin - High
    Warrior (Dps) - High
    DeathKnight (Dps) - High
    Enhancement Shaman - High
    Hunter - Medium
    Mage - Medium
    Protection Paladin - Medium
    Brewmaster Monk - Medium
    Resto Druid - Medium
    Mistweaver Monk - Medium
    Rogue - Medium
    Warlock - Low
    Elemental Shaman - Low
    Feral Druid - Low
    Windwalker Monk - Low
    Spriest - Low
    Disc/Holy Priest - Low

    Any exceptional applicant is welcome to apply even if you arent on our current "need" list.

    WoWProgress: wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-blade/Demise
    Website/Apply: Demise-Guild.Org
    Contact: Vishiz#1144 or Buffalo#1753 or LudaKrishna#1644

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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