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    Will of the Emperor Heroic - advice for our setup

    Hi there,

    Me and my guild are progressing on Will of the Emperor 10 man Heroic. Tonight were our first tries and obviosuly handling adds and sparks was the main issue.
    Our setup was:
    Tanks: Protection Warrior + Guardian Druid + Blood Death Knight - we tried the 3 tank tactic but we would really like to get arround that if possible.
    Healers: Holy Paladin + Restoration Druid - We will have our Mistweaver Monk for tomorrow.
    Retribution Paladin
    2 Affliction or Destruction warlocks - we tried both since we were lacking burst dps on adds.
    Beast Mastery Hunter
    Shadow Priest


    For tomorrow we will have our mistweaver monk as healer. So we have to get in either the Druid as Boomkin or the Death Knight as Frost. (Could keep trying with Blood DK Tank).

    We were killing the Rage adds as soon as they spawn having the Hunter and Resto druid rotate on soaking the 2 sparks with Deterrence. We used the Shadow Priest to soak the Courage spark and the Blood DK Tank for soaking the Strength sparks.

    It was first night and still learning but we would like to avoid the 3 tank setup. After the raid we were thinking about having a rotation on the Strength add spark between the Retri Paladin and the 2 warlocks.

    Would be great if we could get any tips or feedback.

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    Hunter/spriest on rage sparks. Ret/Hpally/monk/locks on courage and strength sparks as well as any stray rage sparks. Tanks do the majority of the boss dmg, all dps should focus on adds. Have locks and spriest multi dot them if necessary. Ret tanks/kills the str obviously.

    Your comp is absolutely perfect for this boss. Everyone there can soak.

    Final thing: Baradin hold trinket works for soaking sparks, if your ret wants to he can use it and his magic CD and survive a hit, with a sac it should be very easy. Bit of a dps loss for a potential extra soak if it goes wrong.

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    It seems like CC would be quite bothersome for this comp in particular, we used myself ( frost mage for this encounter) as well as a hunter/ elemental shaman just constantly snaring / rooting the adds, whilst soaking after every wave, our comp was pretty terrible for this yet we managed to pull it through, your best bet is smart use of proper rage CC such as immediate snares, slows and roots as well as saving burst cleave cool downs for each wave. I can see how you could be lacking some add burst here, seeing as how your comp doesn't have much of it our comp consist of no melee, we had a monk healer go tank and he pretty much solod the strengths in the worst gear known to man with some help from our lock/ priest dots.

    its best to find what works best for your comp as you go, but i could suggest having your ret on the rages full time, as with 2 locks and a priest the strength should drop like a rock either way.

    adds first boss second, not tunneling is key here as well as awareness.

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    Only CC at the end of the fight when adds just keep steaming in. This happens at around 11:30 into the fight IIRC. Before that it's not really worth it.

    People who soak the rage sparks need to be able to soak two at a time. This makes it infinitely less complicated.

    The reason people have a third tank isn't to bait courages, it's because they can off-tank strengths and take zero damage. They also will always be able to CD the strengths sparks when it dies. Third tank can wear full DPS gear too, Blood DK works very well for this.

    All and all you just need to figure out who soaks the courage (one every 90 seconds more or less) and who soaks the rages.

    Your composition is pretty amazing for soaking to be honest. Warlocks can trade off who gets the courage spark, and between your paladins (one talent makes bubble 2 1/2 minute CD), hunter (detterence 2 min CD with the option of reset with readiness), shadow priest (every 2 minutes) and your resto druid using hunter detterence as special skill. Should have no problems, would be up to your communication and DPS at this point.

    Keep the locks as affliction. It's so much better. Warlocks should be getting your courage sparks. They can do some kind of shield wall thing in addition to increase in maximum health to easily soak it. Using a shadow priest to soak it when they could be getting two sparks is a real waste IMO.
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    We started out wanting to avoid using 3 tanks but after a few pulls last night with the blood DK in dps gear I have to say its a much easier and better way to go. He might need a little help finishing off the strengths (the 2 locks multi-dotting would be fine) but it works so much better and smoother that way. We didn't have long to work on it last night, but our pulls were much, much better and I expect a kill tonight. Just keep going with what you're doing, and get better at bursting down adds and dealing with sparks.

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    Thanks for the feedback, all has been very helpful.

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    Well that was incredibly helpful, thank you. Boss went down in 4 tries with the first being at below 1%
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