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    Fast leveling guide for Tanks 85-90!

    Hi all!

    I just finished making this guide for Tanks! This might not be the fastest way, but its pretty fast! You will be killing elementals inside Tample of the Jade Serpent its more than 6 000 000 XP / hour, soo if u hate doing quests or sick from getting same 2 - 4 instances over and over again this might just be best for you ( also doing instances is less than 6 000 000 XP / hour ) Soo feel free to check it out!

    Here it is: youtube.com/watch?v=XYc-kj-Y1iA&feature=plcp

    PS my intention here is to HELP, not anything else.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Even if your intention is to "help" you can't come here advertising your channel.

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    in the video you are rested. so at the most 3-4m exp per hour.

    If you quest you get an average 7m exp per hour.

    or you can go do the first couple of quest in karasan wilds(i know its not its named but I keep forgetting it) When you get to a quest where you have to kill small adds and drive our a sha of the kid you keep killing the small adds. that give you 4.5m exp per hour none rested, they also have only 93k health and have 5% drop chance chance of mote of harmony.

    Good guide but really not worth it tbh.

    Also your intro is way too long half it. Maybe instead of putting in text that is white and "hard" to see make it yellow or comment it with your voice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosjones View Post
    in the video you are rested. so at the most 3-4m exp per hour.
    Yes i was rested, but i calculated good, and was killing them only few minutes on that character just to finish video, i leveled several characters like that (without rested) and i assure u its more than 6 000 000 XP / hour, feel free to try it out your self.

    Btw, thanks for last advices, ill keep that in mind.
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    If you'd like to post a video, please post here:


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