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    Casual or HC? Which are you?

    Lets begin!

    I was HC for the past 7 years or something silly? I simply quit because raiding got tiring plus DS didn't help either and other games are there mainly SC II / DotA II / D3 anyway I'm pretty much casual now doing BG's for a few hours before I go back to one of those games as I've listed

    Now your turn which are you!

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    I used to be a HC raider, now I just play 40+ hours a week, but only because I can play all nigh at work. So I guess that might be considered hardcore.

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    Tied between aka Semi-Hardcore.
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    You play WoW too? :O

    I've seen you on Diablo forums boasting about getting to 100 paragon soon. Wish I had that much free time..

    Im casual though, always have been. But I'm sort of an "hardcore" casual if it makes any sense. I usually dont play for very long and never cared for cosmetic or bragging rights based goals in games so I dont really raid much buuuut I like it when games have veteran benefits or really hard to reach goals that could take years to achieve and arent only cosmetic. So I'm kinda the type of player who doesn't play much but also doesn't like when everything is super user friendly and handed to you. I don't even like challenge. I'd take a shortcut every time I see one but without long term goals, the games just become boring after the novelty wears off and I cant really see myself spending a week playing a game to get some little blob of pixels that does nothing just for the achievement.

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    First you need to define hardcore! Many people call themselves hardcore, however I see a hardcore player as someone who takes time off work to raid and get server firsts.

    So really, only the top few guilds (in my eyes) are truely hardcore.
    Semi-hardcore would be evening raiding 6+ days a week on progress, and casual is everything after that.

    I have always been casual, and always will be!

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    I was a fulltime raider in TBC, went semi casual in WOTLK, stopped raiding during later half of ICC, had no interest in raiding anything in Cata at all. And do LFR in MOP whenever I get the time. My lifes changed alot since TBC, and I can't justify the time needed to be spent on raiding anymore LFR is fun for me in the sense i can do it when i want, get a small bit of progression for my toon, and see some content I otherwise wouldn't be seeing, albeit a watered down version ofc.

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    I've probably spent more time playing the Pet Battling minigame than raiding so far this expansion, that makes me pretty casual. I only raid two or three nights a week. My guild is in no way in the server first picture.
    But I still study up a little, run simcraft, bring food/flask/potions to raid, I still have a little hard-core in me. Hell, just having a scheduled raid or running bossmods makes you hardcore in some people's eyes.

    Poll doesn't really gather any information without set definitions.

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    Casual. I'm a roleplayer first, PvE comes second given the choice.

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    I play a ton but don't have a whole lot of progression.. So semi?

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    Guess you are talking about raiding? Since playing alts only for 40hrs a week without raiding or dungeons would some people call casual, others hardcore.

    I am not playing anymore but when i did, i always tried to and did play hardcore (raiding point of view). If i would play today, i would play casual (time and raiding pov).
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    Atm I still log on every day, but since we aren't raiding and there is nothing to spend vp on outside reputation factions its turning more and more into the casual area. I do have plenty alts to keep it "hardcore" but I don't see a real reason to level them up as it is. IF you could get rep from tabards on other chars I might though (the more rep after revered is'nt in my interest since it still means doing daylies). And obviously not overly into pvp

    Might help abit too if the server I was on wasn't so overrepresented towards one side.

    Noted that looking at replies here there is an odd understanding at what hardcore and casual actually means (casual means you play once in a while possible due to limited time available, not how well or bow much progression you got. While hardcore is playing alot pressing your system - again may not be connected to progression, but its usually is when looking at ex. Pve).
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    Missing: Definitions.
    Why even bother to open a poll when the results are random because noone knows what those words stand for?

    And yes that's not only your problem. That's an universal problem of the WoW community causing huge problems in discussing many things...

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    As far as I'm concerned, doing normal modes at all makes you hardcore (depending on how one defines that term, anyways). You're doing things that the vast overwhelming majority of players can't do, and will never ever step foot in. Just because you perceive it as easy doesn't mean jack, and isn't even really the point, anyways.

    I'd say I'm casually hardcore, depending on how you define the terms. I don't do anything outside of LFR, but I play a whole hell of a lot.

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    Hardcore in tbc/wotlk when been 30+ guild. After that playing semi-hadcore or even casual.

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    Raider going for progression, HC or not.

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    I used to be a hardcore raider through molten core and BC, now I'm a hardcore casual player.

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    Definitely casual leaning slightly towards in-between for MoP. I have no plans on going past LFR for raiding purposes, and am not in a guild or inclined to join one... playing on a fixed schedule is no longer for me. However I do log in most days for vp / rep, and do take gearing (gems, full enchants, stats, food / pots, etc) seriously.
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    Ex-Hardcore raider, from ubrs 15man till Ulduar 25 HMs, after that i went to casual, semi-hardcore in Cata, VERY casual now in MoP

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    When i think hardcore i think of someone who raids 5+ days a week, so i guess you can call me casual since i only raid 3 nights a week.
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