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    Looking for a new 2-3TB media HDD

    Preferably 3TB. Using primarily to store TV shows/movies for playing over my network to my TV. Currently using a Western Digital "Elements" 1TB to do this but it is nearing capacity.

    Was looking at this Seagate:


    It seems like a fantastic deal and reviews appear to be generally positive, but there are some talking about some high-heat problems and suggesting alternatives for an "always on" kind of external hard drive, which is what this will be.

    Anyone have any experience/opinions on this drive, better alternatives, etc? Almost thinking if it lasts even 2 years at that price it'd be worth it, but I don't know. Also considering using it as just a backup drive that is almost always off (so heat and long-life are mostly a non-issue), but not sure I want to invest in two new drives at the same time. Appreciate any input.

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    before tetris comes in and says to buy a WD, that drive should be fine

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    Bah, went up $30 overnight... that's what I get for waiting

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