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    LFR - Queue time for DPS'ers

    Can anyone tell me what is the average queue time for a dps'er in LFR ?.
    I have always queued as heals and ppl in trade chat say "2 hours" for a dps'er.
    I am not too sure about the validity of their statements.

    This is for US though.

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    About 30 minutes, give or take 15, for tanks and DPS, with tanks averaging slightly longer. *grumble grumble*mainspec tank*grumble grumble*

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    30-45 min is tolerable ..

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    2 hours for DPS? In EU I have 10mins as DPS. Healer is instant. Not sure about tank, but I think they have it the worst, being at least 30min.

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    Queue times for me, on US, are usually in the order of 15 minutes. I don't think I've ever waited 30-45 minutes.
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    I usually have to wait 15-30 minutes as dps in EU. At least for the first couple of days after the reset. In the weekends it's not uncommon to hit 45-50.
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    30 minutes for DPS? Really? I'd hate to be in your battlegroup/region.

    In the EU I never have to wait more than 10 minutes when queueing for DPS. Admittedly I'm main spec tank, but I'm afraid of checking out what the tank queue time is like since a warrior co-tank complained of his 2 hour (and counting) wait time.

    It's fine though. As a Monk, Tank gear = DPS gear. So queueing and actually staying DPS works just fine for me.

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    It's around 20-30 minutes for me?
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    It's around 15 min as a dps for me, even during the night it's not even going above 20 min. East-Us servers side.

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    As DPS 2-10 min, depends on time/day. Sunday evening it's almost instant. Tank queue is 20-60 min though. Healer is always instant.

    EU Servers
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