Hey all,

I'm back with questions after fixing my crossfire issues...
This time I'd like to get driver-forced AA enabled in MoP. I've tried browsing the net for a solution to no avail, so I'm yet again posting here :-)

Is there some way to get FXAA (shader based AA) working for AMD cards in MoP? The ingame MSAA is pretty ok as well, but I'd like to see how the game looks with tree leaves, etc. being affected by AA as well.

On my laptop with nVidia its easy: I just force FXAA on in the driver and disabled ingame MSAA - voila, it works and all the leaves etc are also now affected by AA.

However on my AMD desktop I can't get driver forced AA to work at all in the game. No matter what options I set in the Catalyst control panel I don't get any kind of AA ingame. Anyone been successful at doing this? Thanks for the replies in advance!

For clarification I'm running a HD 7970/7950 setup, the game in DX11 mode and 64-bit client.