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    Your heals are all over the place. If your paladins is EF blanketing there should be no issue with a paladins healing this fight pulling 70-80k HPS at ilvl 475. If they aren't blanketing with EF, then even then 60k+ with your priest the two of you should be fine. At 35k heals your Shaman would probably be better off dps'ing if he's going to do that little HPS overall. Your bottom four dps are low (53k or below - I understand two of them are probably tanks, but they should be able to go DPS on this fight if you are three-healing).

    Once we popped from 2 heals to 3, we started pushing 10 percent instead of 60 percent. And then once our DPS got better at trading the pheramones, calling out stacks, not standing in puddles during transfers and the frontal cone damage, then we were good. Towards the end one melee dps should be able to keep the legs in check while all others pummel the boss.

    Setup a kiting order of 4 people, setup a cooldown rotation for the crushes, collect your loot.
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    This is how we did it.-
    1 Tank Druid & 1 Rogue offtank/DPS
    3 Healers Druid, Priest (Disc) and Paladin
    5 DPS: Shadowpriest, Mage, Ele Shaman, Ret Pally & 2W Frost DK.

    Kiters where Resto Druid (me), Tank Druid, Holy Pally & Ele Shaman (in that order).
    Bloodlust was used on pull while I'm kiting (resto druid).

    We kited him counter clockwise running on the edges of the room leaving the orange stuff there, As I'm the first one pulling I'm getting hit about twice by the frontal cone attack, nothing a defensive CD can't stand (Barkskin/Ironbark). We also spread healers in the frontal legs and back legs with me healing pheromones/tanks and as many as other raiders I could get to.
    We got to a total of two rotations with me getting the pheromones for a third time and Dying over the crush + pheromone trail at about 50s to Enrage and one leg mending, on 8% HP on boss, so they just left the pheromones on me, killed the leg boss droped down to about 700k HP bubble on paladins and It went down 1 or 2 seconds before enrage.

    It's a really hard fight for the ones Kiting, lag and crush stuns can leave you on the pheromone trail and It will kill you If you're not toped off before he crushes. Warlock Healthstones and Health Potions are really good for those cases If you can get your hands on them. Just stay focused, kill the legs and use cooldowns wisely.
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    We finally downed him! The kiting was more the problem.
    1 tank with holy paladin soaking
    3 healers and the rest DPS.
    The DPS went a lot better right now.

    Anyways, thanks guys for helping out!

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