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    Tanking Lei Shi normal.

    When tanking Lei shi on 10man normal, as a bear, I seem to get totally wrecked. I know we arent the best for burst magic damage, but I'm sure there is something Im doing wrong. I only did 2 pulls of it last week and then they brought in our 3rd tank (DK) in my place. Im crit spec but I dont know what I can do to better mitigate the constant Magic Damage.

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...galon/advanced

    Excuse my Gemming / some enchats. I am currently gemmed/enchanted for Will Heroic so I can tank sparks better.

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    Yes I am also unsure how to tank Lei Shi without getting wrecked. When I hit 5+ stacks, I begin to chunk pretty significantly compare to the 10+ stacks my dk partner takes. I typically let him tank to 15 stacks while he takes it off me at ~8-12 depending on the bosses next special and % hp. At times, I can only hope my frenzied regeneration can top me off per hit, but as the boss hits lower hp, he spams his spray which makes 60 rage frenzied regeneration heals near impossible to keep up. The only thing I can hope for is cooldowns and healers spamming me.

    I have the fight down, but I feel as if I am doing something wrong because of the amount of damage intake. Also, I assume bears would take the protectors so we can still gain rage and keep ourselves up. My group cc every add but the one I target near me while my dk takes the boss.

    I feel your pain thou.

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    Thanks for the help. Hopefully I can manage it. Gonna be a bitch on my monk as well :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williee View Post
    Yes I am also unsure how to tank Lei Shi without getting wrecked.
    1: Trade when your debuff drops. There's no sense not doing this, every time our pally started letting me go to high stacks because "I looked like I was doing fine", I was getting more and more frustrated with him when spray's hitting for 60% of my health. (though, granted, FR meant I *was* doing fine )
    2: Don't take protectors+Lei shi without major CDs running.

    Very simple. I'm noticeably more durable on this encounter than our pally tank (not ruling out him playing poorly, just stating a fact).

    Normal phases are easy to deal with as a bear. At worst, in the last 20%, you'll be getting up around 10-11 stacks before you can trade, but of course you have a full or nearly full rage bar going into it, and the first few hits are no threat anyway. It's pretty easy to keep yourself stable with FR for the full time.

    The protect phases are where it hurts, but BS is up every time, and NV/Berserk/MoU/Inc/SI are all up every other time, so it's not too difficult to deal with, although I will admit it's still pretty tricky if we end up with 2-3 protectors hitting the tanks. NS is also up every time for a quick root on one of the protectors. In both cases in the OP's logs where he died, it was during protect, you really need to be proactive with CDs if you think you're going to be tanking protectors, and you do still need to swap off with the other tank on Lei Shi.

    Not to mention OP, you were using SD when there were no protectors out and you have very, very few casts of FR in that pull, of course you were difficult to heal.
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    I am already swapping at x stacks as i mentioned , I was just wondering if anyone else getting chunked at 5-9 stacks. Feels pretty difficult to deal with, but I guess it will get better as we keep farming it. Usually I have 1 protector since you can cc the rest, and I only use Sd for the protectors, not Le Shi. Ya ill try saving cd if I get caught with shielded Le shi.

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    By "you" I meant the OP, checked Vital's logs (though I could only find one attempt with him in it). Sorry for the confusion there.
    I have died at ~4 stacks before, when healers were completely out of mana and I had no rage, following a hide at ~4% I believe*. As long as healers have mana, I can't say I'm having any trouble at all outside of protector phases though.

    *Although they were out of mana and I was out of CDs because our OT had been dead for like 2 minutes, and I'd gone up to 18 and 28 stacks before the two previous abilities. It was actually really embarassing to die that fast after the miracles we had going that attempt .
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    I usually trade at around 12 or so.

    The big thing to remember is that you cannot tank her during Guardians. No Rage = No Heal = Dead Bear. I basically made our DK do it because she could at least still heal herself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arielle View Post
    The big thing to remember is that you cannot tank her during Guardians. No Rage = No Heal = Dead Bear. I basically made our DK do it because she could at least still heal herself.
    I'd just like to emphasize this point since it's very easy to miss the fact that you aren't generating rage in the thick of the fight when the boss summons adds. However, I run with a warrior tank, as well, so rage generation all around is rather... rough.

    Our system has been that I pool rage prior to the adds summon and taunt the boss when the adds come out. Then our warrior tank picks up the add(s) and tanks it on the boss, allowing me to generate rage off the focused add. When his stack drops, we taunt swap if the add is still alive. Biggest thing to ensure is that our warrior tank doesn't inadvertently get his stack refreshed, but that's fairly easy to accomplish.

    In terms of when to taunt swap, we just use the simple system of taunting when our stack drops (aside from when the adds phase is about to happen). Only variation is near the end of the fight when the boss casts really fast, sometimes we wait until our major tanking CDs are about to expire to do a taunt swap. I believe someone mention it in an earlier post, but I've seen some bears guilty of this: don't use SD when you're not tanking adds, as there is no melee to dodge. The fight is almost purely a FR extravaganza. Also, I prefer NV/Incarnation especially when the boss is at low health, since it will alleviate self-healing quite a bit with larger NV heals plus faster rage generation for more FR healing, a double-win.

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    I don't know about your comp but you can CC the adds with banish/bind elementals during protect phases if that can be of any help.

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    10 man normal Lei Shi is ridiculously undertuned and should be 3 tanked for safety and making the add phases easy.

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    Haven't had a problem running 3 healers and warrior + druid(me) tanking. Even did it with 2 healers the first reset although it was very messy. Just switch at 6-7 debuff if possible and otherwise as soon as your stacks fall off. We don't tank the protector adds at all, we just CC and nuke/kite it around. So we switch on the boss during the protect phase as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balhale View Post
    10 man normal Lei Shi is ridiculously undertuned and should be 3 tanked for safety and making the add phases easy.
    Wait what?

    I'm a bit confused here tbh. To me this boss is really easy tbh, as in there's no real danger, unless your dps fails at cc'ing. I do this as Bear tank with a Prot Pala and we just swap, when our stacks fall off. Who'ever isn't on the boss when the adds comes out, instantly marks an add and the rest are cc'd.

    I'm thinking you must be doing something wrong?

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