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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenRemains View Post
    I actually think they way warriors work now,even less GCD would be useless unless all of our cooldowns are up.

    Also if u are wondering about why haste is the worse stat,go look at the fury guide,now about hit>haste,think it about like like this, if u need 16% to cap hit
    lets say in 10 seconds you get 10 swings,if instead you choose to reforge that 16% hit to 16% haste, in 10 seconds you get 11.6 swings,and u are gonna miss 16% of them,add this extra 1.6 to it and tehre you have it.
    This is true, but you also have to consider that it takes less hit to get 1% hit than haste to 1% haste. So haste is even worse in that regard.

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    Personally I wouldn't mind getting a bit more use from bloodlust/heroism at the start of an encounter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerWolf View Post

    Blizz 'made' it such that haste = quicker resource.
    Does it even work like that? I feel like average rage per hit keeps scaling with weapon speed dynamically in my completely anecdotal and not very scientific testing(hitting dummies and looking at numbers with flurry/windsong haste procs/a person casting heroism for me). I suppose I should just simcraft with attack speed+heroism vs without and look at average rage gain per swing mh/oh.

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    It is very simple to make haste a decent stat for us.

    Haste increases the amount of rage we get from white attacks, it will then work very similar to energy classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordzed83 View Post
    T9 2xhaste items
    T10 3xhaste items
    T11 3xhaste
    So over whole Cata xpack. WE had fucking haste on gear. Tell me whee did i get those preferred stats. When we ALWAYS had 2 or more tier items with haste ??
    One would be OK cos that would be item not used for 4x bonus. But With 2/5 items having haste you will always have 1 item with haste.....
    I had 0% haste in T13.
    You might want to notice that Cata started with T11.

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    You guys don't seem to realize haste is good for 2 of the DK's dps specs and ret paladins.Gear can't be 100% optimized for every single class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flalia4 View Post
    You guys don't seem to realize haste is good for 2 of the DK's dps specs and ret paladins.Gear can't be 100% optimized for every single class.
    As much as I, as a warrior, hate haste, I completely understand this. But the early epic trinkets both have either static haste or on-use haste. That part is kind of ridiculous, but whatever. The DMF trinket is really nice, as is the str+crit proc heroic trinket, which I will probably be upgrading with justice points. So there are options around that.

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    Asmalya my bad Tier 13 was only tier since tier 5 that had only 1 item with haste on.
    Blizzard is making tier items bad for us intentionally !!!!
    And pvp gear having haste. WTF......
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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    I think blizzard said before they didn't want every piece of gear to be itemized perfectly, including the tier pieces. This is also the reason why they instated reforging. With previous tiers, not every piece of tier has been itemized and thats where selecting the right offset piece comes into play. In addition to this, weighing the benefits/drawbacks of ignoring a set bonus for better itemized gear.

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