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    If you could ask one Question and have it answered?

    So basically, if you could ask one question to Blizzard about the game and they have to answer in honest and full detail what would it be? I've always been very interested in some of the mysteries of WoW and one that always stood out was Zalashji so I think I'd ask about him, then be disappointed I'm sure.

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    Why did they remove the druid /mountspecial

    It used to do an awesome backflip. Sadly no more

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    When the Burning Legion will return, and what it will mean to the game.

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    What was the original intention, plans and designs for the karazhan crypt.

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    Why did you let Ghostcrawler take the reins?

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    I would ask what the exact "RNG" (eg:drop rate) is for instances (lfd/lfr/norm/heroic). I'm so tired of getting gold in those dang bags and nothing else >.<
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    p.s. i want to see Sylvanas take a pounding.
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    This could NEVER be taken the wrong way. ._.

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    I still wonder, if they intend to extend the challenge mode to raids. E.g. running Mogu'shan hc in 465 gear or similar (would be loads of fun xD)

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    I would be curious why they would implement CRZ instead of just combining realms. Would be a lot less animosity if there were no "realm banners" hanging over our heads. We might learn to tolerate others more and the world would still get "populated" again by rolling 5 servers together at a time. I just wanna know why the glitchiness of CRZ over realm mergers.

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