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    Garalon healing tips

    Hello champs,

    So last nigth we -as a 10m casual guild- started progressing on garalon normal mode. At first we tried with 2 healers -pally and me on shaman- but we just lose control, our kiter was out of our range, our dps team was taking huge damage, tanks getting swiped etc... so we switched to 3 healing - 2 shamans and pally- after that our healing and fight management got much easier, but we hit enrage timer on some attempts. on those tries me and pally were healing the dps group and the tanks, and the other shammy was keeping the kiters alive. our kiters was bm hunter, shadow pri and our mage. I need some tips, tricks for every aspect of this fight like healing assignments, where to stand, what to nuke, stuff like that..

    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/0...pes&boss=63667 this is our logs from last night, for all of our garalon attemps.

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Varol/advanced my armory if you need

    Thank you for your answers and your time

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    I can't get into too much detail at the moment, but try switching your kiters to the healers if the healing is under control. When we done it, 2 out of our 3 healers were kiting the boss and could just keep themselves alive. We did have range issues at times, but for the most part the healer kiting the boss should be in range of the tanks. When a dps is kiting instead of a healer just have one healer (preferably the one that's taking it next) keep them up. The other 2 healers can concentrate on healing everyone else. I don't know much about paladins to be honest, but I imagine the Resto Shamans would be best for the kiting.

    One more thing, if dps is really tight and healing is still under control after this, you could always try going with 1 tank and 1 dps soaking the frontal cone with the tank. It will put a little more strain on the healers as they'll have to quickly top up the non-tank soaker quickly (pre-casting here works well) but it will help with the dps a lot. Also, who do you give the pheramones to at the start? The tank can easily keep it on him for the first 2 or 3 aoe attacks before a healer steps in to take it off him; this will allow healers to help dps at the start.
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    Our hunter starts the fight and gets the pheromones at start, after 20-25 stacks, our Shadow pri takes over. We will try 1tank 1dps, and healer kiting tonight thanks for your advices

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    Well, at a glance it doesn't look like you actually have the dps to beat the enrage, especially not with 3 healers. We had the same problem with 2 healers though.

    What we did was making everyone move in a group (besides tanks and pheromone kiter), and then have our shaman dps use Healing Rain before or after Crush on the entire group. And also I (Ret Paladin) was using Seal of Insight with the Battle Healer glyph around the times with Crush. It helped immensely on the healing.

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    We use two healers, and i have gotten into the habit of yelling at the ranged to stand in the blue circle or die a horrible, horrible death and let the druid take care of the kiter when he is out of range, which we are very verbal about on vent.

    Communication is the key, and mana management, two healing the fight is a lot of fun but my god you have to watch your mana and be ready to yell at your priest... basically i command everyone to do my bidding mwauahaha.

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    We two heal it, but don't use healers as kiters. We tried using three healers and using two of them to kite, but the dps was too low. So, for whatever reason switching a healer to dps, and using the dps to kite (one being a hunter), we were able to get him down.

    I am (rshaman) on the raid, while we have the second healer (holy priest) on the tanks/kiters. The raid moves as a group to the legs and I stay with them to drop healing rain. I use elementals off cd. Healing Stream Totem off cd. Use Healing Tide and Ascendance early, so they can be used it again. I keep ES on one of the dps, and roll riptide on the ES target and two others. I chain heal off of the ES/riptide target.

    Good luck!

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    We 2 heal this , myself and a disc priest who positions herself just away from the front inner leg and moves with the tanks / boss obviously not getting hit by cleaves
    her focus for healing is mainly the tanks and the current person kiting, she also takes one round of kiting herself.

    I handle raid healing, The key for us was to maximise the dps's uptime because we had dps issues even just 2 healing I suggest having your 2 tanks start the kiting , followed by your non raid healer then finally a dps who suffers least on movement ( we used a warlock) we blow bloodlust when the two tanks are kiting at the start of the fight ... one of the most important things we found was preparation for each crash ... announce on vent a few seconds before each transition and use of rains / your own and others survivability cool downs

    To maximise your raid healing throughput I tweak my glyphs drop chain heal jump range and riptide , swap in healing stream that 10% reduced damage spreads round a little 10 man like wildfire healing wave free heals mmmm and telleric for when mana gets tough.

    For raid movement its exactly as mavalynn says you have to get everyone who is dpsing together on the legs , cast unleashed healing rains on the group spam chain heal of your es-riptide target I also put my earth-shield on one of our dps for riptide powered chain heals ideally one with a + healing received talent like a druid .

    Here are our logs from our recent kill http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...d/?s=170&e=583

    best of luck and stomp that bug

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    Even if you would 2-heal, you would still run into enrage issues it seems. You need around 515k raid dps and on your 7:05 attempt you have 380k only or so, suppose your shadow priest died there somewhere but still you'd need to get a person come in that does more than your top dps.
    We only just recently downed this, and from my perspective it's perfectly 3-healable under certain circumstances:
    - 3 healers kite, this will improve the ranged dps uptime a lot. I'd suggest hunter kiting as 4th.
    - Bloodlust at start and all possible healers that can should try and get some dps in as well before damage gets too high. Pre-potting helps a ton, same for healers that dps.
    - Your tanks shouldn't actually be tanks in case you 3-heal because you have enough healers to cover a bit more damage outgoing. Or at least put out a ton more damage than in your enrage attempt. We ended up killing it with our prot warrior going full dps spec/gear and pulling 81.5k, and an actual (monk) tank doing 65k. Compared to your tanks only doing 55k combined. A rogue can also potentially tank it with feint for example (talented/glyphed if needed), and we were considering our warlock going dark apotheosis at some point too. Holy paladin with a shield is also an option, (s)he should be in range of kiter always and obviously of 2 "tanks". Be creative here and see what off-specs or people on standby you have.
    - Tell your ranged dps to not touch legs when they're not in the double damage done zone of them. They respawn every 30 seconds only, as long as you can take 1 out every 30 seconds, you should be fine. There's a limited amount of damage that can be done to legs, so make sure it's all double damage.
    - Depending on what way you're kiting, there's an annoying leg at the front that may get awkward to receive heals from as dps. You can just leave this leg for your "tanks" to cleave/dps on. There's a sweet spot where they can stand in the +100% damage zone, while still getting hit by the swipe.

    The fight isn't particularly spectacular for resto shamans, but if you're 3healing it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Just make sure the 3 healers kite then to optimize dps.In the healer-healer transitions for pheromones (2/4 times), make sure to pop a raid cooldown to stabilize the raid while 2 healers are out of range of most of the raid. Healthstones help a ton, as well as personal cooldowns. The outgoing damage after a crush is low, don't freak out on those.

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    tell your raid to stand in healing raid when they are not on the other side killing legs, and set up a cd rotation with your other healer, for instance, on first crush, you set out healing tide, next he uses something, then you use ascendance, then he uses something, then you use spirit link or something, then he uses something, or let the dps use som healing cds aswell, Rallying cry(warrior), Vampiric Embrace(Spriest) etc. use all the cds your raid have.

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    Alright...not to put myself on a pedestal but I am on front page of shaman WoL...that being said...glyphs (healing wave...chain heal)...this fight more than any other there is a rotation...riptide..HW...HW....CH on riptided target...HW...HW...riptide...rinse and repeat...make use of 100% uptime of HST when off CD...use totemic restoration so you can get 2 more HST's during the fight...at 15 stacks...have your raid stack on leg...put down healing rain...for 10 seconds...should equal out to where HR falls off/ the switch happens. Other healer takes 2nd phermone...use hero at this point (all legs should be down so people arent running around and you dont have dps running phermones = max dps) Other healer should stay on oppostie side to heal themselves, tanks and phermone runner. You heal you and other 5 people on other side of boss/legs...note...put healing rain right at beginning of leg spawn and put down HR + HST on leg then SLT + Ascendance to catch up a little...if you run the full 7 minutes...you can get 3 HT's in...appx...40 sec...3:40...6:40...7 min enrage. Constantly be casting something...if you stick to rotation...you can stick to mana efficient spells and can last the whole fight with your mana...you move to much...you end up having to cast HS's or GHW's. Hope this helps.

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    I had the same problem when my guild was working on downing Garalon. I actually made a post about it too :P

    But yea, we 3 heal it with healers switching off kiting duty. Your main raid group needs to be loosely grouped for healing rain and other aoe heals. Don't go nuts with healing rain though or you'll go oom. This is really the only fight I have mana management issues, especially the last 15-20%.

    Your dps will just have to step it up to beat enrage timer. We generally have everyone on the boss & our rogue takes down the legs by herself. We have no issues with the enrage timer anymore.

    But again, there's a few different strats out there that work just fine. the 3 heal kiter strat works best for my guild, but it may not work for yours. Though, making sure your dps are loosely spread for healing rain really makes a difference(for any strat). There is still a lot of clockwise movement going on, but I mostly just use HR for crushes & also when one of the kiters is upward of 20 stacks as the raid damage starts to get rough.

    Also have your RL assign cool downs for crushes. The first crush when the 2nd healer comes in for kiting duty kinda sucks 'cause you're basically down 2 healers because 1 is still kiting and the other is running to take pheromones off the kiter. I try to use my HST and SWG around this time(I'm first kiter) so that after crush I can immediately start healing the group as I run to join them.

    Remember to use all your CDs in rotation AND EARLY!! This is STILL a habit I'm trying to break, as I'm so used to saving CDs for them being called for. Save HEALING TIDE for a crush, but don't forget about Ascendance and Elemental Mastery(if you have it). Also, stone bulwark helps a ton on crushes & also when you kite. Having your RL assign cooldowns for crushes helps that way no one overlaps CDs and then when you really need it, everyone is spent D:

    Anyway good luck! You should get it!

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    We had the best luck using 2 tanks and 2 ranged as kiters (especially now that affliction and hunters can do almost full dps on the the move) - and 2 healed it.

    Long as the rest of the ranged/melee can clump up into your HR just before a crush that should help a bunch.

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    Aye to echo what the other above have said, if your 3 healing this fight unless your dps is really high (which it probably isnt as ur progressing on it now) you really need to get your healers doing the kiting, at least 2 of them should do it without any pain on your healing really.
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    We use the healers and tank to kite also on 10 man or a mixture of healers and dps.

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    In 25 man we use 1 tank then half and half and in 10 man 2 heals and 1 tank and 1 dps.

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    So we finally manage to kill it, with 3 heals and no tanks at all. Our strat was, our druid healer started kiting we pop bl every dps nuked the boss, and after our druid, our hunter mage warlock and shadow priest switched between themselves. Holy pally, and warrior in dps spec/gear was soaking the swipes. I was healing the range dps and our druid was keeping the melee alive and we were both helping with the swipe and kiter healing.

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    my guild had the EXACT same problem, stick with using 3 healers and use them all for kiting aswell as your hunter switch at 20stacks and make sure all your group is priritising the legs at the start of the fight split melee and ranged into focsuing back and front legs and pop bl so all 4 legs go down after tht once legs are mended every1 on them. legs dieing is 3% off boss which is 6.4m same as legs but legs are easier 2 kill due to debuff.

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    We are using three healers, me (Shaman, a Monk and a Paladin. The Paladin is one of the kiters (the three others are ranged dps) and also puts beacon on the other kiters when they carry the debuff. The third time the Paladin takes the debuff (he takes the first one), we stop swapping and use Bloodlust and as many CD's as we can to take the boss down. I usually stop healing and dps a bit then pop Ascendance and Healing Tide when the damage begins to increase so I can continue DPS.

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    When i did this fight with my guild we 3 healed rdruid, rshaman(my self) and disc priest. We got our priest to pre-pot and during lust to smite spam rotation on the boss while me on the raid, we got our rdruid to pull and kite for the duration of the hero, after that we had our 2 locks take it and our hunter, we just made the dps quoter killing it at 6:58 2 seconds before the enrage crush. Glyphs i used were riptide healing wave and totemic recall. healing rotation i used was riptide the raid keep es on the kiter and use healing stream totem of cd recaling it as its about to end no healing rain was used only riptide and healing wave finished the fight with 60k hps and just making sure i had riptide on all 10 people and es on the kiter.

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    1 Tank (or plate DPS), 6 DPS, 3 Heal.

    -Tank and a Healer (Holy Pally/Resto Shaman preferred due to being able to wear a shield) take the frontal cone
    -Anyone can kite, doesn't really matter, just swap the debuff at 10secs before a Crush
    -The healer who is soaking the cone just looks after themselves and the tank, can also drop a few heals elsewhere if desired
    -Assign another healer to look after the kiter, again can drop heals elsewhere if they like
    -Final healer stays in the middle and looks after the ranged, can drop heals on kiter/tanks if they come in range
    -Have a cooldown up for each Crush

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    To echo what some have said, if you simply cannot 2 heal that fight but keep hitting the enrage with 3, most definitely have 2 of the 3 healers kite (with the other 2 being tanks ideally), this way you will always have 2 healers focused on healing while for half the fight you will have the 3rd in position too to help keep up.
    The big advantage we found when doing this was it freed up the 5 dps to allow them to do what they should be doing, dps.
    Other notes of interest if you do have 2 tanks leave a front leg up for them at all times to dps off.

    For our very first kill, we had 2 shammies and a priest (holy then, disc now), both of our shammies had to 'dps' at the start before the first crush to help with beating the enrage (this was 4 weeks ago now however so with gear this shouldn't really be needed but every little helps!)
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