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    If i have the knowledge i have now? Wonder why i bought the game and stop playing.

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    with the new weird random roll loot bag system bullshittery in LFR, start up dailies as soon as you can, and do them all every day.

    It is really annoying if you don't like dailies, but I was totally against like 20-30+ quests every day, and eventually caved. Heroics are pointless, the gear is garbage. Do all the quests and grind rep until you can afford a few epics. You can use the tokens you get from the dailies and turn in a bunch to get 3 elder tokens per week, which give you 3 free rolls for boss loot again.

    My advice:

    If your guild doesn't pull you in quickly and gear you up;

    1. Zone hop to 90 like everyone else has said, leave to the next the moment you level
    2. as soon as you hit 90 start doing ALL dailies every day
    3. brute-force your way into LFR, buy the blue PvP crafted set, pick up any rep off pieces and rush to minimum ilvl
    4. ride the coattails of the LFR

    5. burn your 3 coins every week, 1 on Sha of Anger (items are best ilvl boost at this point if you arent raiding yet)
    2 on whatever LFR bosses have the upgrades you need most
    (1 on gallion if you can, but he is kind of hard to get a group for with slow respawn)

    6. hope to god for some decent luck and that you don't get ~170g from nothing but money drops each week.

    else, do steps 1-2, and let your guild do the rest. burn your tokens for best upgrades while your guild raids, run LFRs to snag upgrades in between.

    Hate to be that guy, but LFR is a derpfest. gear doesn't really matter, just need the credit score to walk in the door. You could walk in naked and auto-attack with a higher success rate than half the people in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuscar View Post
    i just upgraded my account to mop, i originally waited to buy it since i wouldn't have time to play anyway (was writing my dissertation and whatnot). now i do, so here's my question (complete mop noob)

    if you had to start leveling from 85 to 90 today, given what you know now with 2 months of experience, what would you do? i mean, i want to get back into raiding as fast as possible, i remember seeing somewhere theres plenty of reps to grind for epic gear and whatnot. is there any reps/dailies that i can start grinding before 90? basically what id like to know is, what are the "homework" to be done while leveling (if any) to speed up the gearing process once at 90?

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    As soon as you ding move to the next zone. Jade forest(85), Krasarang(86), Kun-Lai(87), Towlong(88), Dread Wastes(89). This will get you the gear needed to enter heroics as fast as possible. If you are in a guild that has the heroic patterns get that gear and you will be fine without the rep grind. However I would still do it as you are getting valor to buy upgrades as fast as possible since that is your goal to raid ASAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannonballs View Post
    Leave Jade Forest as soon as possible. Always move to the next zone asap.
    That's the best way to level, but your first time through I would just finish zones or do them up until you get the quest that leads you into the next one. Skipping steps without knowing where you're going will just get you lost and frustrated, especially when you're supposed to get to Serpent's Spine toward the end of leveling.
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