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    Counter Picks

    I think its all in your head.

    If you look at the websites for counter picks they select counter picks 1 of 2 ways:

    1) Statistically: When a champion dies (what opposing champion got the KB)

    If you think about it though, it takes no account of the opposing players skill, nor the actual damage done by the opposing champion. (Meaning the champion COULD be just be good at KSing)

    2) By user votes: Meaning anyone registered as a user of that site can vote who they think counters that champion.

    Thats purely opinion based, and the people could range from noob to pro... but all votes weigh the same.

    Neither system has a way of weighing statistics/votes with addition of new champs. (Meaning that the votes or stats are always going to be weighted toward older champions)

    Naturally you are going to have poor match ups (in lane)... ranged vs a melee champion.

    It would not appear that either system differentiates between normal mode, and dominion (which DOES change things IMO)

    So whats your opinion... or what do you know that I don't?

    I think its all hokum! Some of you may revere counter picks as biblical truth.

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    Oh, that counter-picks website? Yeah, it's about as accurate as the weather forecast. But counters definitely do exist. Certain champions have abilities that directly shut down the abilities of other champions. For example, anyone who is ranged and has at least a little escape is a counter to Garen.

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    When it comes to public sources for counter-picks, you have to be careful. It's a lot like mobafire guides, mostly shit with the good ones as highly rated as the worst. I forget which site it was, but if you looked up counter-picks for Jayce, Nidalee appeared in both the strong and weak against sections (She beats him btw. Bruiser Nid ftw!).

    A lot is common sense. Never pick Vayne if they have a Cait and Alistair/Taric/Leona. Kat counters Swain since he lacks a stun and her ult applies healing reduction. Jayce counters Darius because he is ranged and has 2 disengages.

    Others require personal knowledge or the knowledge of a pro player. Irelia beating Jayce doesn't seem obvious at first to a new player. Same thing with AD Nid beating Jayce and Yorick. These are also usually more skill based though, since Jayce can easily beat Irelia if the Jayce player is more skilled, and Yorick is Yorick. You have to know how your shit to beat Yorick as Nidalee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axethor View Post
    Kat counters Swain since he lacks a stun and her ult applies healing reduction
    the problem with this statement is that a three second healing reduction isn't exactly enough to make Swain QQ in a 1v1. the strength of swain lies in his prolonged engagement capabilities, not his short term damage output. swain is a lane bully with sustain starting at lvl 6 and even if you win a trade he's going to sustain it up again pretty easily.

    his main problem is not harassing champions nor champions with temporary healing reduction, it's champions that burst hard or have high mobility (fizz as an example can get out of W and Q leaving Swain's damage lackluster in a trade).

    that said some kits are better against other kits by nature.
    there are hard counters (galio to leblanc, chogath to leblanc, teemo to garen) in this game but most lanes are extremely even unless someone starts getting ahead; this game is just that balanced.

    some champions have abilities that negate problematic abilities of other champions (kayle ult vs reaction time burst ults, i.e syndra, darius, nunu etc) and some champions can itemise vs certain champions (ryze builds RoA and glacial shroud pretty much straight off the bat, making him an excellent pick vs any ad mid).

    all of that said if your lane opponent has 4000 more gold than you/got levels on you/got an advantage overall thanks to the way the game was played, it doesn't matter if it's Lulu or Talon, you're gonna have a hard time no matter who you're playing against.
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