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    Should CRZ Go Bye-Bye On PvE Realms?

    I can understand why people would want it for PvP servers, they get the world PvP that they think they didn't used to have. But people on PvE realms seem less than enamored by it and tend to be finding it quite a nuisance as per what I've been reading on the official forums.

    Of course it's got a lot of problems that need to be ironed out, but should that be done only in the context of PvP servers and just put PvE servers back to normal?

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    I've seen a lot more whining from PvP servers
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    No, they should expand upon it and allow people to migrate to any realm that is a shared realm with no transfer cost. At least that way there would be some benefit to the extra people that just get in your way.
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    I do not like the CRZ, poorly implemented I think.

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    They need to just shove 10 servers together at a time, remove the CRZ, and remove the labels over our heads. If someone has the same name, they can use backend coding to allow for it, but prevent new names from emerging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spook8519 View Post
    I do not like the CRZ, poorly implemented I think.
    People keep saying this, but it's so vague it's honestly not useful feedback.

    Please, could you be more specific in what you dislike?

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    I've encountered no problems and I play on a PvE server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swineflew View Post
    People keep saying this, but it's so vague it's honestly not useful feedback.

    Please, could you be more specific in what you dislike?
    Lol ez from my research on the official forum - ''DEY TAKING MY NODES / HERB SPOTS ._.''

    ''I wanna quest alone too many people taking my kills''

    Mainly the second one that I've listed for pvE anyway

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    I say yes i love lvling alts but its almost impossible to level alts through outland atm as there is always alliance/horde killing every damn quest giver in every zone so its almost impossible to turn in our take quests so you are forced to dungeon or grinding mobs to get to northrend.

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    CRZ is future tech, implemented today. That being said, ofc it's not 100% bugfree yet, and there are issues yet to solve.

    BUT blizzard is working on it, and I daresay that the issues will be solved and blizzard will improve upon CRZ instead of remove it. And one day, new MMOs will be laughed at if they use something old-fashioned like different servers.

    Not a blizzard fanboy here, but I DO like that blizzard tries to push the technology instead of just copy-pasting stuff from other games (which they do, too, but that goes in both directions) Remember phasing? Was quite buggy and had issues (ICC porting stone) in the beginning as well, but they are always improving on it and personally, I haven't seen another game that uses that technology.

    So no, CRZ should stay, and for good. Live with it.

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    What I like: Seeing more people out in the world.
    What I don't like: Sharing rarespawns and nodes.

    I don't see why the latter has to be a thing that is. It should be a thing that is not.
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    Personally, I think people should get used to it. You signed up to play a MMORPG that means playing with and against other players. However, people got spoiled by having entire zones to yourself and being able to level gathering professions in no time with flying in all zones and 0 to little competition. CRZ did not ruin the game, it restored it back to what Blizzard intended it to be. Yes, there is supposed to e competition for all of those mobs. Yes, you might have to wait and fall behind on your 20-30 minutes per level speed leveling, but that is not a problem it is rather the solution to what was a very empty and boring leveling experience.

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    While I voted "yes" - I don't believe it should just "go" as some players do actually like it.

    I'm more for an "opt out" option, which - to me - is more of an "Opt in for just playing with my server community" option. :P

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    Shared resources without a shared economy causes economies on smaller pop servers to atrophy away. I don't mind people competing for minerals, herbs, rare drops etc. as long as I can compete with them in the AH. Current model doesn't let me do this.

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    CRZ is nothing more than an annoyance. It frustrates players who are happy with thier medium to low pop server and being able to easily aquire what they need and only brings the headaches of a high pop server with no benefits whatsoever. Add to that when rolling restarts begin it is never 15 minutes anymore, it is 2-4 hours while all the servers that you are attached to also restart.
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    I would like to see it improved.

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    I've just taken an alt through Outlands where I was told I'd have all kinds of problems because of CRZ, and it didn't happen.

    Given how quickly you can level it's taken me roughly the first zone and a little into Zangarmarsh to hit 68 (doing about 4 dungeons) and I've not had any problems getting mobs / items although I have seen a few more dead things than I would normally...

    Worth pointing out as well that the nodes and herbs I saw weren't being strip mined or fought over either.

    So I'm a little confused to what all the fuss is about, maybe it'll rear it's ugly head in Northrend?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    What I like: Seeing more people out in the world.
    What I don't like: Sharing rarespawns and nodes.

    I don't see why the latter has to be a thing that is. It should be a thing that is not.
    That's a big one too - the overworld is designed to be competitive, not cooperative. The more crowded you make things, the more frustrating it will get for those who just want a relaxing game.

    WoW should do like it always does, and steal the ideas from other MMOs that have recently made changes for the better. GW2 (and soon ES:O) will have farming nodes that spawn SPECIFICALLY for you. (as in, you'll see a mineral node, but anybody can strike it - and it just records on your character that you tapped it separately from some other player, so another player can strike it for themselves too).

    And for those inevitable people who will respond saying "that idea is stupid! Entitled players, wahhh wahhhh wahhhhh"... please remember that this system is basically already implemented in the game via Archaeology - nobody, absolutely NOBODY, was complaining that we can't steal other people's archaeology nodes. In fact, I think most people THANKED Blizzard for making that not happen.

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    I think they should just make it something you can enable. In your options click to either enable or disable the CRZ's. This way if you enjoy the feature you enable it if you don't disable able it.

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    To be honest, I think Blizzard could fix a lot of the problems if they did two small changes.

    1) If you attack a quest mob, you get credit for the kill, no matter if it's tagged. The tech is already there, just use it more.
    2) Alter mining and herbalism so it's more like archaeology, in that each zone has nodes randomized only for you.

    Blizzard seems to have this idea that "competition" itself is fun, and it can be, but people are not looking for competition when they are leveling characters or professions, they already put in the time to collect or level, they don't also want to fight twenty other people for it.

    When it comes to leveling, one could argue they should just group, but the fact is Blizzard themselves have fostered an attitude that the leveling experience is, for the most part, a solo experience, and yet they don't accommodate that where it's needed.

    When it comes to gathering, one could argue that randomizing it just for the player means the nodes themselves will get saturated, but obviously Blizzard seems to be okay with this, since Pandaria is so densely packed with Ghost Iron that I can't go two feet doing my Tillers dailies without tripping over ten nodes. On the flip, I can't even find certain types of ore (Hello, Fel Iron) on the AH because how difficult it is to farm now.

    Will Blizzard make these changes? Likely not, but it would be a simple way to make people accept CRZ a little more.

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