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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhodair View Post
    I think the people who hate it for gathering reasons forget the zones were designed with a high population in mind. Even with CRZ implemented, the zones are still more dead than their glory days.
    Yes but then they weren't design it in such a way whereas a full lvl char can kill the entire city defense with such ease.For 48 hours now there are 10+ horde killing any quest giver or NPC on Honor Hold.From the general to flight master.I bet you couldn't wipe an entire enemy city by yourself back it tBC.

    CRZ is broken, bad implement and only causes chaos bugs, and irritation as it is.And when people are irritated on a game it will loose subscribers.Maybe people are ok now with MoP,but lvling and alt from scratch is the most irritating part, CRZ is gamebreaking on this aspect end of story
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    I don't see what the problem is with them crz?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grocalis View Post
    1) If you attack a quest mob, you get credit for the kill, no matter if it's tagged. The tech is already there, just use it more.
    The latest set of dailies showed how Blizzard has no intention to use this tech more. It's the same overcrowded crap with no sharing that has been criticized since MoP release. No learning on their side detectable.

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    CRZ only bothers the people who want their single player MMO back. Honestly, I kinda like a little competition farming nodes, killing mobs, and completing quests. Besides, most people level in dungeons these days anyway so I have hardly seen anyone since leaving Duskwood for STV. Saw two other people in Hinterlands and one other person in WPL. I would imagine that EPL will be just as quiet. I had forgotten how fun questing was and how much XP I got from it. Between the BoA, Guild Perks, and the WoW celebration pack, I went from 34 to 40 in 2 hours questing in WPL.

    I do see the need to fix the "lost rider" when going from zone to zone with a passenger on a flying 2 seater. Aside from the glitch, there is really nothing wrong with CRZ. Trust me, I hated it til I gave it a chance. I like having people in my MMO again. I just avoid Goldshire

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    yes, it should go, and the sooner the better. now it is not only slowing down gathering resources by forcing people to operate as if they were on a high population server.

    NOW CRZ BRAWLERS CLUB????????????

    enough is enough blizzard. I will pay my fifteen dollars a month happily, till I feel in some way you are trying to use some form of coercement to fool me into staying longer.......................
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    All for Cross realm invites but CRZ in it's current form should die in a fire, being how buggy it is I don't even bother going out in any of the old zones anymore, and the stupid band aid fixes just seem to be making things worse.

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