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    Amber Shaper Vehicle UI Issues?

    Anyone else have an issue during the Amber Shaper vehicle-ui where the key binds don't appropriately respond to the the correlating buttons?

    I checked, and every other vehicle-ui I've tested works just fine. But during amber shaper, when i press any of the ability keybinds the game responds as if I hit my own 1,2,3, or 4 abilities instead of the vehicle 1,2,3,4 abilities (despite them showing on the tooltip that they are, in fact, bound to 1,2,3,4).

    I've updated Bartender, Deadly Boss Mods, Tidy Plates, and Button Timers in case one of the addons caused some issues. To no prevail.
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    I had some issues with Dominos if i move during the second you get transformed, if i just stand everything works fine for me.

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    Bartender4 does not work on this fight for some unknown reason. I turned off the bartender vehicle ui and it works now.

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    I had this problem in LFR running Bartender4 while never having had any vehicle issues with anything else.

    I mentioned it to some guildies who told me to make sure that under the general bar tab, I have Blizzard Vehicle UI enabled (I did not; I imagine it's like that by default). I'm hoping that fixes the problem.

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