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    ive read articles and opinions of people who say that the nerzhul/arthas/lich king love triangle is literally dead but i did find it strangely amusing that when bolvar put the helm of domination on his voice changed just as arthas' did when he put it on.

    i dont think thats the last we'll see of the lich king/bolvar but im not entirely sure itll be wow that we see him in, possibly a new warcraft rts later down the road. i would have to guess the next expansion will deal with the burning legion and while they could bring bolvar back and say that kj still has influence over him thru the helm of domination its much more likely (in my opinion) that theyll do something with illidan and demon hunters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaozu View Post
    The theory was that without a Lich King to keep them in check, the Scourge would run rampant over the world and destroy it right? So why doesn't Bolvar, as the new Lich King and commander of the Undead, just create some large "last man (or undead in this case) standing" contest and let them destroy one another? If he then proceeds to not resurrect Undead further, the "race" will then go extinct? (Until you know, more necromancers decide to dabble in the arts...)
    well keep in mind that most undead aare way too dumb for that. you'd have to spend an entire day explaining to them that they have to fight each other.
    the Scourge was only really scary because the undead innately want to kill the living but there were a handful of intelligent undead, like liches and necromancers(count even if they aint dead yet, they can still command) and banshees that could direct where and when the undead started ravaging.
    they didn't exactly get involved in tactical battles, they just unleashed their minions in an area and kept raising whoever died on the other side. a simple yet efficient method.

    so that plan is potentially possible, but he's still trying to get a ghoul to understand that he has to hit the geist, the geist already wandered off, and the abomination already has 2 kills to his name, but that wasn't on purpose, he's just so dumb that he accidentally killed some zombies.

    also it's possible that Bolvar is spending literally all of his time restraining the undead and his own corruption as best he can.
    arthas had a little free time to raise armies and whatnot because he wasn't resisting corruption and his restrain of the Scourge was minimal.
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    Nothing yet, he'll be involved with some future storyline I imagine.

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    I laughed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elpalmo View Post
    Hello, i don't follow the lore to wow, but i am wondering what happened to that fire dude who came in after you killed lich king? Or did i miss something?
    Bolvar is that guy that refused to die at The Wrathgate. (he's the human who leads the other warriors) He was taken by the scourge and tortured by the Lich King. After the Lich King died, he took the crown and became the leader of the scourge, the "Jailer of the Damned" , so he could make sure that the scourge will remain non-hostile.
    Quote Originally Posted by TJ View Post
    Nothing yet, he'll be involved with some future storyline I imagine.
    Yes, please. Next xpac: Sargeras comes, Illidan gets revived (also Maiev), and Bolvar comes with the scourge to help the others. That'd be incredibly awesome.

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