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    Anyone else quit for good?

    so after 7 years i finally quit for good and the weird part is that i want to play but nothing really interests me anymore. i dont want play hardcore all day everyday and i dont wanna do it slowly either. im just tired of the whole idea of it. I would really love some recommendations for some new games that are in late beta or just came out, mmo or not. I cant play diablo cuz well its pretty horrible. I'm playing torchlight 2 now just cuz i played the first but cudnt care less.

    i was thinking about just waiting for elders scroll online but i dont know how much im gonna like that unless they change the UI.
    i was following firefall and that one dungeon crawler that kripp was playing. ( i forgot the name)

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    I'm sorry but "I Quit" threads aren't allowed here. There is really nothing to discuss about your choice to leave the game.

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