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    Pvp Newbie questions

    Just starting in the pvp world and had some questions to ask you all. Do dailies serve any purpose to pvp players seeing as how their gear is diff? I heal as mistweaver and is it just mistweaver or do all healer specs do pretty much no dmg? If so what does a healer do in a 1v1? Also my 2 prospects are mistweave and holy pally, does one preform obviously better than the other? Thnx

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    Healers aren't supposed to do damage in a battleground. You're supposed to support and heal through shielding, fearing, CC'ing, or otherwise protecting your allies and yourself.

    In 1v1 you should not be a healer. That's pointless.

    As for paladin vs monk, whatever fits your playstyle. I've killed holy paladins and mistweaver monks in battlegrounds and arenas just fine, so I can't say either is better.

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    As a healer you should not come across a 1v1 to often. In bgs and arena you should be in the fight healing yourself and your allies. As to the dailies no you should not, you are better off just doing bgs to get yourself a starter set of pvp gear and work your way up from there! If your looking to do offensive skills as a healer there a few. You will throw stuns and i know as a holy pally you can make it so dps can not crit. That is just a example. Imo you will be better off with a Holy pally. They are very useful and are very strong healers. Mist weavers are a little weaker at this point.

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