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    Blade lord 10m normal P2 issues.

    So we are getting to p2 constantly, but fail at dodging the tornados with only our lock and me(elem) getting there alive. Would it be better if we split the raid into 2 groups with 1 heal each side, the group that stays on the platform we start at will get SP and Resto shaman to heal. The other group will get holy paladin and elem to heal. The question is, will it work? We are getting to P2 with 2.5 minutes to enrage and are just stuck on the torandos... Any help is welcome, raid in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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    If your group cant dodge tornadoes, its highly unlikely that you could kill the boss before enrage. I suggest you practice dodging as a priority. Its not that hard .. really.

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    Have you noticed the red circles in the ground under the tornadoes? Other than that, there is a certain order the tornadoes spawn in.. I think? When you figure that out, the rest is just paying attention.

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    To be honest, i feel like its not even the dodging, its about our healers not so used to heal on the go. So only people to get there are those with self heals or with a good defensive cd. We gotten him to 5% last night and if only some more dps were alive it would end in a kill...

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    You could try having everyone wait initially to get topped up by the healers (but fast) once the tornado brings your whole raid to that end of the room before you need to do the dodging - might help people survive longer if your healers have problems running and casting.

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    Our first night we died over and over running the gauntlet, the next night we made a little change. Our monk healer popper revival, our bear tank used HotW to give us a full tranq, that topped us up, then we ran the gauntlet. Waiting 5 seconds and getting everyone topped up meant 8 made it alive instead of 3. A healer and a dps had issues so we left them behind for the transition. Problem solved, dead boss. We did also use the streams to come back at 11% and left dots and the bear tank to fpush him to 10%.

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    You can use a warlock bridge thing to chesse this.

    At 40% have the lock put it up so that it has charges when the boss transitions. One end near the middle and one where you want to be sucked to.

    At just over 20% the 5 assigned people run to the far side of the portal so that they will be sucked through it when the boss transitions.

    It's cheesy but we had to do it last week because a lot of ppl can't run properly and it got us a kill.

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    if you have a resto druid he should give symbiosis to a shaman. this gives him spririt walkers grace and he can tranq on the run if needed. make sure to hold off on dps, dont push him to 21% unless everyone is topped off. also, when the boss gets to ~11% have everyone but the tanks jump in the slipstream at the side and run to the other side. the tanks then push him to 10% and he flies to you - no need to dodge tornadoes the 2nd time

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    make sure to have everyone topped off before he is at 20% eventually pop a tranq or something to help with that and try to time it so that it won't happen right after a unseen strike, and have people not suck at dodging tornadoes ( i myself is a huge retard then it comes to that ) furthermore in phase two tanks are expendable so if a healer is staying behind because tanks get hit by a tornado tell him/her/it to let them die since their dps is rather insignificant in the 2nd phase, rather have the healers keeping the rest up and leave the tanks to their own devices atleast until they reach the boss, a fully topped tank can survive quite a while on his own anyways especially if it is a death knight tank.

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