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    Does a guild kill ranking exist for Vanilla raids?

    I'm curious if something as close to an official kill list exists for MC, BWL, AQ40 etc. I imagine it may not be very accurate.

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    I was wandering that myself, i sure do hope so!

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    Not sure what remains, but there used to be websites tracking this even back then. They relied on people actually reporting their kills though, so it wasn't all that accurate.

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    If I remember correctly there was some sort of list back then, but if I'm not mistaken it was mostly based on posts guilds made on their respective realm forums indicating they killed a certain boss. So exact timing etc might not be as accurate as it is nowadays.

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    Death and Taxes, and Nihilum.

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    There are very accurate lists, or at least, there were.

    There are lists of "true" firsts and firsts from how long said guild had since the gate opened.

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    There used to be realmhistory.net, though I think it was used far more in TBC and it's dead since beginning of WotLK.
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    Conquest got most of their MC kills via exploit so take that how you will.

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    there are several lists, hard to tell wich one is authentic or not thou.. for eu-Stormscale i believe the old threads from back then still exist on stormscale.org forum. And since most guilds reported their kills on that site i guess its pretty accurate. We had 3 top guilds on that server Cruse, Core and Glamour.
    I believe the best rank any guild had on the server was the guild i played in at the time, Core wich had the maexxna world 2nd kill (thou hard to tell since there wasnt an armory back then to gather data from. But as far as i or any i played with there know only Dnt were faster on that kill. we downed the boss on friday or saturday the first weekend.

    Thou if you whould want a first kill list, i guess u could look up Death and taxes. they got most firstkills (not gothik or kel'thuzad thou) and im unsure about who ws first on sapphiron and horsemen and heigan. Nihilium was first on kel'thuzad i believe. (thou honestly bosses disapwning for entire resets kinda made race unfair )
    and i suppose either of the easy bosses noth razuvious and anubrekan could have been killed by some other guild aswell.
    thou Dnt had both spiderwing and3 bosses in abowing+noth down first week wich is damn impressive.. makes me wonder how much beta they got to play.. patchwerk in 1 day? took us an entire week lol...

    edit: seems curse was removed from teh pimpboard when the xferd away. tobad
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    Ruined on Proudmoore got world first Onyxia. The rest are a mixture of Conquest, Nihilum, and Death and Taxes.

    Edit: I forgot about Fury, they had a good run in BWL but I seem to recall they bypassed the gating so they're null to most people
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old View Post
    actually, id say that list is pretty accurate. mby not 100% bot close enough. at least for firstkill.
    Thou i myst confess i have doubts about the date on gothik. that boss was hard as hell. hard to immagine that some guild got him down so early.

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    While this is accurate to a point, major exploit were not banned back then and nowadays everyone forgot. However I'm not gonna start a controversy, so feel free to believe what you want.

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