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    Leveling a Guardian

    Since non subscribers aren't allowed to post on the official forums, I was wondering if you guys could give me some input on guardian leveling.

    I understand that going DPS will be quicker than going tank, but is there any consensus at to which of the tree would be the fastest? I've seen people saying it's vigilance, others saying it's focus.
    On a related note, is it feasible to tank FPs while leveling as DPS, or does it require an hybrid build? If so, vigilance/defense is in order I take it?

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    I can't really help with the Guardian DPS trees but I can say that I leveled a Juggernaut from 1 to 50 in the Immortal (tanking) tree and it wasn't overly painful. I just used my DPS companion for most of the encounters, only using my healer for the more difficult fights, and the mobs seemed to drop pretty quickly.

    That said there was one time at mid level range I ran into combat with Quinn (SW healing companion) against 3 mobs, 2 strong and a weak. The weak mob took a little bit of work to bring down before I realised the 2 strongs were healers. I was there for ages with those 2 cross healing each other and Quinn keeping me up. In the end I think they just got bored and gave up.

    I levelled as tank so I could get used to key bindings, play style and rotation etc. for tanking at end game - I don't do well with chopping and changing I'm easily confused.
    You would probably get away with tanking FPs as hybrid but in hard modes you would be putting a lot of pressure on your healer.

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    I have a level 50 guardian. I found leveling was fastest when i did chain FPs(tank ques are instant) DPS spec is fine for tanking as long as you switch stances and have a sheild. I leveled with whatever the middle tree was called(the one with plasma brand). I used Droid till level 30ish then switched to healer since he was ultimately better. Good story encourage you to finish it. Tanking in dps spec only good for the first half of FPs at level 35+ tank spec is needed

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