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    dark simulacrum

    anyone else found some new fancy spells you could steal all around pandaria's dungeons and raids?

    myself found so far two which are pretty nice, once in mogu'shan pallace shortly before last boss are those flamecasters which spin around spammin fireballs, even if the damage aint that high its funny to whirl around, an actually strong spell ive found was in mogu'shan vaults shortly infront of gara when all the trolls are around, the mages uses a pyroblast which actually does nice dmg stolen, however you can easyily fail on it and get a fireball which hits for like 1000dmg~

    anythin else you guys might have found?
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    Lightning bolts from protectors of endless spring.

    I've had crits over 900k with full stacks of the damage buff.

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    Yeah glyphed Dark Sim is a DPS increase on this boss, for heroic at least

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    Data I collected myself from this weeks progress on Protectors HC.

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