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    Death Siphon Blood DK Solo Tanking Wind Lord

    Ok, so my guild will be starting this boss tonight.

    I would like to hear from any blood dks that have single tanked this fight. With the sick amounts of vengeance we get has anyone used Death Siphon? Do you have logs? Curious how it impacts survivability and dps.

    if you were using death siphon did you reduce the amount of mastery you were stacking?

    Any useful feedback appreciated.

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    it's gonna hit hard and heal for alot, though it'll often just be overhealing. Stick with death strike tbh.

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    Just see Death Siphon as a Shield Barrier, and Death Strike as an equivalent to Shield Block.
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    Definitely Death Siphon for that fight. With enough Vengeance, it's effectively a Death Pact for 1 Death Rune. Death Siphon becomes Lay on Hands on Heroic when the boss goes into his Recklessness phase and takes 6x damage for 30 seconds.

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    For solo tanking I'd probably stick to Death Pact because it works much better in the add phase and once the adds are gone you can still do fine without Death Siphon.
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    Use blood boil for more DPS


    I stick with Death pact, and use as many death runes as my survivability can afford for blood boil, i kick out a lot of DPS without dieing, if you're going to do this, take purgatory though.

    Last time i did this, i death striked no more than 2 or 3 times more than i needed to active death runes. Makes the fight last less time, and doesn't stress your healers overly, since they don't have to heal for as long. ^.^

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    I tried a couple pulls with siphon and switched back to death pact for the free big heal when quickening stacks got high just before menders died. Am definitely using purgatory, first few pulls it triggered every time. DPS is going to be an issue phase II so may need to go back to siphon, we will see.

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