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    Lei Shi Add-Phase

    me and my guild finally got toToES on Sunday and basically one shoted Protectors and Tsulong. Due to a lack of time we only got 3 tries on Lei Shi last night.

    In those tries our main problem was the Add-Phase and our tanks getting annihalted by them.
    So here is my question: Do u do anything special to handle them? like CC's or something else! Or do u just tank and heal through the damage.

    Our setup:
    Druid Tank



    Thanks for in advance!!!

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    CC/kite them. Anything seems to work, even banish and bind elemental. Mark a skull and burn it down (you only need to kill one remember).

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    You pretty much NEED to CC all but one. Absolutely need.

    What we did was whichever add was closest to the boss would get marked with a skull and tanked/nuked. All the rest needed to be CCed. Your warlock can banish one, boomkin can use cyclone/roots/whatever, Monk can use paralysis. Done.

    But yeah, CC is absolutely vital. Then use stuns on the remaining add to further minimise damage. Lots of tank damage on this fight.

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    Oh yeah, and at the start of every add phase do a tank swap. So you don't get a crazy amount of spray stacks on one tank. That said, depending on how quickly you can kill one of the adds, you may need to use healer cooldowns to keep the tank on the boss alive. At the very least, tank cooldowns should be used.

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    When they spawn we had priests and paladins fear and stun them while we marked a skull. Warlocks and Shamans started banishing and binding as soon as the skull went up.

    You have two druids, mass entanglement will probably work fine.
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    We have our DK tank grip one immediately, which the DPS then focus. Right as they come out, everyone with CC is just spamming it on stuff. Anything that breaks for whatever reason, our Monk picks up and kites.

    Trying to facetank more than 1 is death.

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    We do this as a 25 man so I am not sure it will be as effective, but having a third tank made us have at least one tank death to healers being bored during that phase.

    I think based on your set up, if your Boomkin can be feral for that fight, having him go bear for the add phase may prove very helpful.

    If not, just CC and make sure which ever tank picks up the add/adds has no or very low stacks of splash.

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