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    Hello guys,

    My PC currently has:

    3.3ghz i5 2500k
    12gig of GSkill Ram
    P8P67 Pro Motherboard
    1TB Hdd
    120GB SSD
    Antec DF-85
    Corsair 750 Watt PSU

    I had a GTX 580 Direct CU 2 in my rig but I sold it a long time ago so im cardless.

    I want to pick up a very decent card and go eyefinity with it.
    I was thinking of this 7970

    What do you guys think or could recommend. Is this card good enough and are my other pieces good enough. I want to spend as little as possible. So If I can get away with not upgrading my other pieces that would be best.
    I want to play Wow and a few FPS games like BF3 etc.

    I want to run 3 screen Eyefinity. Also could people recommend 3 monitors ?

    PS not interested if you think eyefinity is a gimmick :P
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    My 6870 runs BF at the lowest graphics barely 30 fps on 5040x1050
    Other games run just fine on even high graphics.

    I've seen anandtech benchmarks showing the 7970 do an average of 40 fps on the most demanding games at Ultra settings 5760x1080
    And you can always lower the anti aliaising!

    some examples:
    7970 - Metro 2033 5760x1200 DX11 High quality + 16AF = 39 fps / 34 on 7950
    7970 - Batman Arkham city 5760x1200 DX11 Extreme quality = 46 fps / 39 on 7950
    7970 - BF3 5760x1200 DX11 HIGH with FXAA High = 36 fps / 29 on 7950
    Crysis warhead = 42 fps / 35 on 7950

    Get a 7970 GHZ instead of normal 7970 and you'll get 1-5 fps more depending on game.

    But in older games using for example the source engine.. (Portal 2... TF2.. counter strike) You will get max fps which is 60 cause of screen refresh rate. (100 to be precise on how much fps) with the highest settings availible in game.

    in short: Yes the 7970 will give you awesome performance. But everything is playable on a 6950/6970/7850/7870/7950

    And no you will not need to upgrade anything else.
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    What about my other pieces ? And any recommendations on monitors ?? I want 1920 x 1080.

    HDMi Monitors

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    for example:
    Monitor 1 DVI----GPU DVI

    Monitor 2 HDMI-----GPU HDMI
    Monitor 2 DVI----<DVI>adapter<HDMI>----GPU HDMI

    Monitor 3 DVI-----<DVI>ACTIVE adapter<mini displayport>----GPU mini displayport

    If you wanna go cheap then connect the third monitor with --> Monitor 3 VGA-----<VGA>adapter<mini displayport> --- gpu mini display port

    You always need an active adapter for display port. But all VGA to display port adapters are active. And cost much much less than an active dvi to dp adapter

    If you want the easiest connecting then buy atleast 2 monitors that have displayport or mini displayport connectors.
    In eyefinity, atleast ONE displayport of the VIDEO CARD must be connected.

    ******* VGA ********

    ******* DVI *******

    My own monitors are one Samsung syncmaster with VGA/DVI, and two Dells with VGA/DVI.. They are connected like so:
    Dell left DVI-----GPU DVI
    Samsung middle VGA-----<VGA>adapter<mini displayport>------ GPU mini displayport
    Dell right DVI -----GPU DVI
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    4670k @ 4.5 - Kingston HyperX 16GB (4x 4096MB @ 1333mhz) - MSI GTX 780
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    Yea im looking for 3 HDMi monitors all with mini display ports. Can cost between £150 - £200 each

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    How about 3 of these 24"

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    Sorry i didn't notice that the 7970 you linked had 2 DVI and 4 normal DP.
    Well you can basically get any monitors you like. But if you want to get it done with no adapters at all then make sure ONE of the monitors have a display port.
    Then just connect the other two with DVI to DVI

    I'd recommend 3 of those -->

    4670k @ 4.5 - Kingston HyperX 16GB (4x 4096MB @ 1333mhz) - MSI GTX 780
    h20 620 V4 push/pull - Fractal Design Pearl R4 - Samsung 850 EVO 256GB -

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