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    Which part to upgrade next?

    been slowly upgrading my computer over the last couple years and I need some help on what to replace next.

    450 watt psu
    i5-2400 3.1 ghZ *
    8 gb RAM *
    geForce 9800 GT 512mb
    500 gb harddrive

    * most recent upgrades..

    was thinking my graphics card, however the psu may be a bit to low when i want to get a 2nd monitor here soon

    edit: mostly upgrading to run higher settings on games while maintaining a live stream, also my MOBO is an asus brand, idk the exact model though =/

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    any help ?
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    Your GPU is the next weakest link. You should have bought a CPU that can be overclocked if you wanted to stream. What brand/model is that PSU?

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    its a rocketfish, sorry for lack of info but im not that familiar with this kind of stuff.. just the basics

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    psu + gpu or just a GPU but don't expect any super performance (still huge difference with current card but low power draw cards aren't good for maxing out settings)
    also budget?

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    Just get a GPU like the 7850/7870.

    I hope you don't have a diablotek PSU, they're doing their job really good screwing your PC.

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    i'd like to keep my budget between 100-300 for each piece

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    This PSU and this GPU should do the trick.

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