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    Disc help for returning priest

    I know my gear isn't great or anything, far from it but I had recently heard after coming back from a long hiatus ( half of WOtLK and all of Cata) that Disc was doing quite decently know and I'd healed as that before my break.

    I was just wondering if there was anything I could do with my current gear, reforge wise, to get it up to par with something stat wise for Disc that would perform decently in heroics until I got some stronger upgrades/valor items

    Yeah it's pretty crap and unenchanted but don 't want to blow gold on that yet. Just want to know/ get advice.

    Since I am unfortunately unable to post links and have lost my old account that could by now she's Mitharyn on Wyrmrest Accord.

    Thank you in advance should anyone go through the hassle and lend a hand.

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    Not sure if you have different gear sets(one for shadow and one for disc), but you seem to go all haste!
    Personally I don't think that's the right choice with your gear level(for disc, not for shadow), but I'm not expert so I'll just copy something from EJ and suggest you read the entire stat prio section(there's more about this than I copy paste here in this post) or maybe even the entire guide.

    "What should you stack and reforge? A lot of this really depends on your spell breakdown: what you are casting, how frequently, and how effective it is.

    Stat priority is very difficult to pin down for Priests as we have such a wide arsenal of spells to choose from, and even running Simcraft or other simulations our stat weights can swing and vary wildly. The most important thing to keep in mind when running simulations is: your spell breakdown on a sim should mirror your spell breakdown on your logs. If it doesn't, you run the risk of tilting stats that favor abilities you are never using!

    Your Basic Secondary Stat Priority Should Be:

    1. Spirit up to the point you are comfortable with regen
    2. Mastery given its direct impact to PW: Shield, DA, and Spirit Shell (See the Spirit Shell section of this guide for more information)
    3. Crit and Haste are of similar priority, and are roughly equal and can vary based on spell usage and healing role.
    Spirit, especially early on, will be the go-to stat for all healers since we will need to learn how to manage mana in the new world of Fixed Mana Pools."


    Edit; I forgot: if you find a group to kill the sha world boss you are guaranteed to get epic boots from a quest he drops.

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    The haste was actually for my current Holy spec which is what I decided was what was needed at first and what looked to be key but yeah then the grass started looking greener on the other side as they say.

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    Mastery > haste > crit, the latter two don't really matter though because you're unlikely to have any gear with both of them on. For holy the prio is the same unless you want to go for the renew tick, which isn't worth it if you're in serenity refreshing renew all the time.

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