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    [Movies] Sinister

    True-crime writer Ellison Oswalt moves himself and his family in to a house where an horrific crime took place earlier, but his family doesn't know. He is trying to find out more about the crime so he can write a new book about it to help his flailing career. He uses some "snuff" film that he finds which show the crimes to help in his research, but he soon finds more than he bargained for. There is a figure in each of the films, but who or what is it? As a result his family start to suffer as does he. Things take a turn for the worst. Will they survive? Written by Michael Hallows Eve.

    Sinister - Movie details

    What do you think about the movie? Have you seen the movie, already? Personally i think this is the BEST HORROR I EVER SEEN.

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    When starting a thread for a recently released movie it's useful to do a quick search first...

    I don't hate you. I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence.

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