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    5.1 Music

    Hey guys,

    This post is for those that have listened to the music in post 5.1. I just finished listening to it and felt I had to share how awesome this round of music sounds. For me, I prefer catchy music that is recognizable rather than background sounds with no tune that is the trend these days. I understand why we have simple music in an MMO - we don't want it to be too in-your-face and annoying - but some of the most memorable parts of my favorite video games were strengthened by really good music I could actually listen to on my iPod. The soundtrack that came with the CE edition of MoP had maybe one or two full tracks that I would put on my portable media player to listen to elsewhere. This is the case with a lot of games these days and was wondering what other people felt.


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    I love it. WoW music is just awesome.

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    I agree with you. For me, music and background sound is a crucial part of a game or a movie.

    About the music of the patch 5.1, finally the Alliance and the Horde have an easily recognizable tune, but to be honest, for the Alliance one I hoped some notes remembering the music of the Alliance in Warcraft 2 (although perhaps, may serve for the return of Queen Calia to Lordaeron in the near future ...)

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