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    Gao-Rei Normal vs. Screaming Tiger HC

    Anyone know if the +500 agi gem that goes into the sha-touched weapon is enough to make it better than the higher ilevel polearm from heroic MV? I'm thinking this might be a situation where the higher ilv might not necessarily be the better option.

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    Had the same issue with Normal Tiger vs LFR Gao-Rei and after doing the math with various stat weights the +500 agility gem did put the lower ilvl one ahead overall. That appears to also be the case with the HC tiger vs Normal Gao-Rei from a quick check.

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    Doing the math from the scaling factors from simcraft (10000 iterations to be more accurate)
    Gao-Rei with the gem comes out to be 1944.77 dps, and H Screaming Tiger comes out to be 1252.077 dps
    So, yes, based on weapon damage, and agility only (I'm too lazy to do the rest of the math currently, because I really want my sushi) Gao-Rei with the gem wins. I'll do the rest of the math after I'm done eating. 5732.42+23011.237+1503.99+871.15=31118.797 H Tiger
    7632.89+21760.134+1200.6+1216.35=31809.974 Reg Gao-Rei. those are the differences in the DPS between heroic, and regular, with my current gear scaling using simcraft.
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    So i'm assuming that the 2/2 VP upgraded Gao-Rei, Staff of the Legendary Protector with 500 agil gem beats the 2/2 VP upgraded Screaming Tiger, Qiang's Unbreakable Polearm for guardian tanking?

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