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    Tips for Removing Keyloggers

    1. You would be wise to research and test any prospective software before you make your purchase. Many reputable software providers will allow customer feedback directly on their website and many offer a free trial version of their software, in order to give customers an opportunity to effectively see that the program works.

    2. Make sure that when you download software to remove keyloggers, you are doing so from a reputable vendor. Many malicious downloads are made available to the public under the pretense of being "cleaner programs". While these programs purport to clean your computer, they really serve as a means to infiltrate you computer with even more keyloggers and other malware packages. Any site you download keylogger removal from should be well established and noted for providing spyware-free downloads.

    3. Running software to remove keyloggers is an ongoing task. Just like keeping a clean house requires regular maintenance, so it is with the fight to keep your computer privacy by removing keyloggers. Running your anti-keylogger software at least one time a week should adequately secure your computer privacy.

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    all anti virus programs are junk.. anti virus programs are good for one thing.. detecting viruses that are already known and have definitions for them. you or your girlfriend got your password hacked through one of 2 ways.. you installed something like a mod or program thats been hacked (might have been a pirated or cracked .exe for another game thats not wow) or you clicked a link that was unsafe. be it email, websites or a cute "screensaver" that your girlfriend liked..

    there are very simple rules to never getting hacked.. don't pirate anything including music (yes you can get hacked that way when you start the file up) ..don't click on links you don't trust.. if blizzard or any other company you do business wants something from you. don't click a link in their email's.. go to the actual website itself and login.. and regardless of what anyone tells you.. NO ANTIVIRUS is 100% safe. in the end.. no one hacked you... you or your girlfriend hacked yourselves through lack of knowledge. if your going to do any of the above on public websites then you can expect repeat problems until you learn to protect yourself or get smarter about the places you dont need to be.

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