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    Changes you like to hunters

    I just recently came back to WoW and started up my hunter again, and something i'm extremely enjoying is all pet families being able to do any role you chose. I feel this change was LONG over due and i'm loving it.

    How about you guys ? Changes you're enjoying.

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    No min range to attack, that is soo great. Stampede is good too.

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    Yeah I agree with you OP, being able to spec any pet into whatever you need is really nice. Though it was pretty weird seeing my cat thunderstomp a few days ago while doing a quest, it's cool.

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    Anyone else? Because I'm not really enjoying it. Not enjoying depending on my pet. Not enjoying having the other 2 specs suck. Definitely not enjoying hitting like a wet noodle. Nope not enjoying the changes. Not enjoying talent tiers that only work with BM.
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    no minimum range is crazy. I remember when hunters had minimum range. And mana. and a deadzone.

    Now i can just stand still and mindlessly shoot things that are standing right infront of me

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    Funny - I spent this weekend rolling a hunter and managed to get to 76. My guild is quite melee heavy so I volunteered to reroll. I spent the majority of my time in awe at the changes since I last played hunter. No deadzone is awesome, but other than that - pet families, trap launcher 'stance' (goodbye trap launcher macros!). Having Kill shot glyph built in is very cool. With the 5.1 change to SS / CS being able to move as base line, that's pretty insane.
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    No min range and Stampede are nice, and pet families are awesome. Then when 5.1 comes being able to cast Cobra/Steady while moving without Fox will be nice.

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