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    Holy Pally - Mastery vs Haste

    Hi there, usually I dont ask for advice on my holy pally (i normally give it), but I would like to ask some questions if anyone has the time to answer.
    I know noxxic suggests Spirit/Intellect/Mastery/Haste/Crit

    (1) If you dont feel as though you are having mana issues, is it ok to reverse Spirit and Intel?

    (2) Additionally, I am finding that some sites say Mastery and Haste are equal (=), so can I assume that it comes down to preference? Or should we getting those absorb shields as big as possible...

    (3) Can you only put a sha touched gem in a sha touched socket?

    (4) I am a huge fan of Light's hammer for raiding. just for fun, I tried Holy Prism last night and hated it. You have to target a foe to heal the group. I heard people liked it because if it crits you could potentially heal 5 people possibly 3 for over 100k and the other 2 for 50k. Nah, I'll stick to Lights Hammer, it reminds me of the original Holy Radiance which I so much loved.

    I attached a link to my character if anyone wants to rip me to shreds with my gemming and chanting

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