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    Absorbs priority? (Illuminated healing/aegis/PWS)

    Hey all

    Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this.

    Which absorb gets priority on incoming damage? Aegis/PWS or Illuminated healing. Also, because IH is a huge part of Holy Paladin healing, would having a Disc priest (10man) pretty much negate the palys heals? (Paly heals are expensive to put those shields up) or are they good healers to pair up.


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    My understanding is the system is intelligent in the following way: it will use up the absorb that has the least duration remaining. Since IH has a pretty short duration, it should generally get eaten first.

    I couldn't tell you if the pair is good though. Maybe someone else can chime in on that.

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    last time i checked (start of cata / end of wotlk) it used to be the most recent shield was used first. It was a completely stupid system and I believe it was brought to light around the time of val'anyr. I have no idea if it has changed since.
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    Simple testing reveals:

    Divine Aegis is always eaten before Power Word: Shield
    Spirit Shell is always eaten before Divine Aegis.

    This is regardless of time remaining or order of casting.

    I have not tested how this works with multiple healers, nor have I tested other absorbs.
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