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    Trinket question

    My alt just got the LFR version of the terrace STR trinket (483)

    I currently have DMC trinket and vaults LFR trinket

    So I know the DMC is best out of the three but the two LFR trinkets I'm at a loss on

    Does anyone know which is better? I googled it but maxdps.com is saying the terrace trinket, I found an mmo post saying the vaults trinket, and I dont feel like running simcraft twice for an alt. Any suggestions?

    On another note...

    My ret pally is at 480 ilvl equipped... at what point does ret start putting out decent dps compared to other classes? Because up to this point I feel like my dps output compared to ilvl is low (my main being a frost dk) but I have seen higher ilvl ret's doing almost as much dps as my main on some fights (i had an ilvl 490 ret doing competitive dps with my 48
    frost dk)

    Does it pick up a lot when you get 2 pc? Or a certain amount of stats?

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    Personally, I would go with Lei Shin's.

    Your DPS depends on a lot of factors. Your gear; whether you have set bonuses or not; heroism timing; what boss you're fighting; RNG in some cases; your ability to manage your priorities, inquisition uptime and time CDs to maximize efficiency; talents/glyphs; and how good the rest of your DPS are.

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    Honestly, it all depends on your other gear. I'd go to askmrrobot.com and check out suggestions it gives you. You can also change some items on you to simulate your possible upgrades.

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    Please use this thread for Ret trinkets. Closing.


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