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    Ret 4 pc nerf in 5.1

    So with the nerf to 4 pc reducing AW by 65 seconds instead of 85 will this honestly make the other talents a viable option again when you have 4 pc?

    I ask this because i personally hate sanctified wrath, i love playing with divine purpose but i always knew as soon as i got 4 set i would have to change, maybe with this nerf i won't have to? I figure sanctified wrath is still going to be stronger but the margin should of closed alot you'd think.

    Anyone got any sims on this?

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    SW > HA > DP after nerf, just not by as much. 1k dps difference between talents at BiS level.

    Btw, you should be using SW or HA even without 4 set.

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    Basically what balhale said, SW is great, or was greater with the 4p but with the nerf you could consider HA for the burst.

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